Speech Recognition Technology
Essential Question: What is SRT?


The above video shows Scotty from Star Trek who was from the 23rd Century.  Scotty and crew had travel back to the 20st Century. He was using a computer to renovate a formula for Plexiglas. Of course Scotty was accustomed to and routinely employed the use of speech recognition technology (SRT); hence, his frustration. 


Traveling back several decades, in 2001 I observed a social worker in an emergency department for a healthcare organization sitting behind a computer speaking into a microphone.  I noticed that while he was speaking into a microphone text was being generated into a document. The social worker was trying out speech recognition software because of his medical condition called "Carpal Tunnel Syndrome".  This condition causes discomfort in his hands and wrist when typing over long periods of time.  The voice recognition software turned his voice into text leaving his hands free.


The purpose of this website is to illustrate how voice recognition software has evolved since that first introduction in 2001 along with its implications as an educational resource.  As you shall see, SRT can be a tool which helps enhance the educational process for students, student with disabilities, educators, and businesses alike.