Interactive Lessons for Reading Groups, Read Alouds, Etc.
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Welcome to this webpage filled with interactive GLOGS†for many†book titles and subject areas.†

The GLOGS were created to help students learn more about a particular subject matter by clicking onto sites that have already been previewed and approved by teachers.† The sites provide additional information, vocabulary building, virtual tours, maps, additional lessons, activities, games, etc.† They can be used by individual students in class or at home while doing research projects, in small groups, or with a whole group while the GLOG is displayed on the Smart Board.

In order to successfully use the GLOGS you must have your computer(s) updated regularly.† Youíll need to have installed various programs such as, Windows Media Player, etc.††The GLOGS work best when the teacher is signed on to the computers instead of the students.†

If there are broken links PLEASE email†me at† so that I can refresh the link(s) and your students can continue using the GLOG.†

If youíve created a GLOG and†are interested in having your GLOG added to the site, please just send me the link.† Itís a great way for educators to share resources.

Feel free to email or add comments to the comment tab.† I hope you and your students enjoy them.