Fall Book Fair 2011
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 Barnes and Noble data base with reviews

 Amazon Books with professional/customer reviews and ratings

 Scholastic Book Fairs and Stacks website

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4. After you have published your comment post below, they will be published to Spicynodes and embedded there so that we can all share the best titles at the Book Fair and everyone interested in great books to read after the Book Fair can see which titles Bay Farm students liked the best! For now, look at the sample we tried after last Spring’s book fair!


Happy Reading!

By Juan Diaz and Marcus Magallanez      November 14, 2011 -- 10:06 AM
We think weird but true 3 is a great book because it tells you weird,cool,and true facts. Barns and noble gives it a five star rating. Only 2 people wrote a review about it. This is a good book because it gives 300 weird but true facts.

By Giselle F. and Vanessa L.      November 14, 2011 -- 10:06 AM
This book is super hilarious!We like this book because it talks about a girl and her dorky life.Barnes and Nobles gave it a 4 and a half rating because it's a book that people love to read . 823 people rated it a good book. This book is so good because it has hilarious and heart warming parts with all your favorite characters,Nikki(main character), Zoe,Chloe,Brandon , Mackenzie and others from books 1 and 2 . Find out what Mackenzie does to Nikki,Will Brandon want to be more than friends with Nikki or will they be just friends.Find out more in Dork Diaries: Tales from a Not-So Talented Pop Star.

By Anya K. and Evian J. P10      November 10, 2011 -- 04:45 PM
I love 3:15 because it is so scary that it will make your heart stop. This is the first book that I have read that has audio and video for each little scary story. Once you have read a story or two you will be hiding under ypur covers. I recomend that people that are 7 or younger or people who don't like scary things not read 3:15. The rating from Amazon was 4.5 stars!
Keep the Lights On!

By Morgan Devlin      November 7, 2011 -- 01:44 PM
A book I can't wait to read is 13 Treasures by Michelle Harrison. It is rated 4 stars. It is about a girl who finds a shop and has to find 13 crazy things.

By KAYLEE      November 3, 2011 -- 10:17 AM

By Kyle and Cameron      November 3, 2011 -- 10:11 AM
Big Nate On A Roll has a 5 * rating. Most of the book is written in comics.It is about Big Nate trying to win a prize.

By gabriel and justiny      November 3, 2011 -- 09:44 AM
i like Super Diaper Baby because the word diaper is funny because babies poop in them, and that is funny

By justin and jacob      November 3, 2011 -- 09:41 AM
I can't wait to read Darth Paper Strikes back because I want to see the ending and how to make Darth Paper from the book. When I bought the book for my friend at the Bookfair he loved it.

By Andrew and Jeremy p10      November 1, 2011 -- 02:45 PM
The Son of Neptune is the 2nd book in the series The Heroes of Olympus. Percy Jackson has lost his memory and finds his way to a Roman demigod camp while being hunted by 2 monsters. It is written by Rick Riordan.

By Kyle W. and Mitchell F. P10      November 1, 2011 -- 02:43 PM
Rick Riorden has again cooked up an amazing book.He has created a new book in from the Heroes of Olympus series, The Son Of Neptune.It is a thrilling book sequel to the Lost Hero.It has 4 and a half stars on amazon. I recommend this book very much

By Matthew H. and Ming Hao C.      November 1, 2011 -- 01:32 PM
Guinness World Records 2012

This book has many records from all over the world. Some examples are like having the longest fingernails or being able to balance milk crates on your chin. I recommend this book to other people because it is a five star book. This is why I can't wait to read this book.

By LukeW/EricF      November 1, 2011 -- 01:28 PM
I recommend this book because of it's awesome, interesting fantasy from the author Rick Riodan.
Did you know that 101 people rated this fantastic fantasy 5 stars?Man, I'd love to read this book,and maybe you can read it TOO!


By Charles Wang      November 1, 2011 -- 11:10 AM
I like the Book Fair because they have almost all the book I like.

By Grace Yang      November 1, 2011 -- 10:34 AM
13 Treasures13 Treasures is a book where a girl named Tanya can see fairies.Not cute and nice fairies, but evil and scary fairies.When the evil fairies play a trick on Tanya, it's the last straw for Tanya's mom.This is a horrible turn of events in Tanya's planet, but when clues begin jumping out in a 50 year old mystery.Tanya may just get some of her question answered.Read more about 13 Treasures.

By Erik Wolfl      November 1, 2011 -- 10:20 AM
I can't wait to read Weird But True 3 because there are a lot of silly but true facts in it.There are 300 of them. The book is really cool because it teaches you a lot of things you never learned about in your life in silly ways.

By Jenna k.      November 1, 2011 -- 10:20 AM
I can't wait to read Eat This Not That because then I can eat the delicious healthy food and I will not eat junk food anymore.

By Kimberly V      November 1, 2011 -- 10:06 AM
I can't wait to read Spooky Buddies because they have two books in the series and the puppies are so cute.

By daniel c      November 1, 2011 -- 09:26 AM
The ghost of crutchfield hall

I think this book is good if you like scary books. Its about a girl who wants revenge on the person who killed her instead of her couson.
its a four star book
by Mary Downing Ham

By Ellie/Karsyn      November 1, 2011 -- 09:26 AM
Weird But True 3 has 300 outrageous weird facts, three of our favorites are...Octippi have three hearts,hamster's teeth never stop growing,and last of all a river in Canada once turned red.Weird but True 3 is a five star rating. We hope you like this book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By michaels. michaelc.      November 1, 2011 -- 09:20 AM
3:15 is an good book.3:15 means listen,read,watch in 15 minutes or less.Their are ten scary stories in this book.After every story you go to their website and watch the conclusion of your story.It is four and a half stars.So I recommend this book.

By wesley wong      November 1, 2011 -- 09:20 AM
The Lego book standing small

This book is about the years of people making Lego from time to time. I hope you enjoy it. So do I!

By Sydney Owyang      November 1, 2011 -- 09:17 AM
storm runnersIf you like terrifying things ,this is your book.This book is about Chase Master and his father who likes to follow life striking tornadoes,hurricanes,and floods.Then after a big hurricane hits the century,they will be tested in ways that they did not know was coming.A new friend got caught in the hurricane will will they make it or not?

By Keila Min      November 1, 2011 -- 09:16 AM
This book Big Nate, On a Roll is about Nate, Artur, and Nate's scout troop. Artur is always in first place so Nate is stuck in second place. This is a five star book and is very exciting. I hope that you would want to read it because I can't wait to read it.

By Kelli Yee      November 1, 2011 -- 09:06 AM
astronomy by. Dan Green
I cant wait to read the book astronomy because it talks about the sun and the solar system,the inner circle and rising stars.

By Marta W      November 1, 2011 -- 09:03 AM
Shimmer by Alyson Noel
I really can't wait to read Shimmer. It has gotten a five star rating. Hope you enjoy it.

By Fana B. Megan T.      November 1, 2011 -- 09:02 AM
Weird but true 3
by National Geographic
Hi,We thought this book was amazing.
there are lots of facts that are weird but not true.Most of this book is about crazy animals
doing crazy things.It's also about inventing
weird things and interesting facts about the earth.It is very interesting we think you should
check this book out.

By Samantha Kim, Isabelle Tom      October 31, 2011 -- 04:16 PM
Big Nate on a Roll

Do you like to laugh? Then get this book, Big Nate on a Roll, by Lincoln Peirce. It has great reviews and it's five starred. It's about a kid who wants to win a prize in the Timber Scouts. I can't wait to read this book because I like to have a good mood when I read. I hope you will enjoy this book! Also, tell your friends about this.

By Jackson      October 31, 2011 -- 02:48 PM
In this book Nate is going to face his godzilla teacher, Mrs.Godfrey and survive the wrath of the principal. Nate hates his school and whatever happens, he keeps his cool. He can resist his ierd dad, but can he resist another year of middle school? Read Big Nate on a Roll .to find out!

By Hannah C.      October 31, 2011 -- 02:47 PM
I can't wait to read the book The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall. The ratings are 4 1/2 stars. It's about a girl named Florence Crutchfield who leaves an orphanage to live with her great-uncle, great-aunt, and sickly cousin James at her great-uncle's manor house called Crutchfield Hall. Florence realizes that the house is haunted by her cousin Sophia but nobody believes her. Sophia plans to kill somebody in her place so she can receive her life back. Will Florence be able to stop Sophia before something bad happens? Find out by reading the book.

By Dominic ,Pope      October 31, 2011 -- 02:39 PM
The book fair was a blast it had so many books.I wanted every book it was great.

By Gabby G.      October 31, 2011 -- 02:32 PM
I can't wait to read the book the Ghost of Crutch field Hall because amazon gave it four stars and it is about twelve year old Florence leaves a London orphanage and looks forward to a new life with her great uncle, great aunt, and ill cousin James. But she doesn't expect the ghost of her cousin, who haunts the rooms and dimly lit hallways of Crutch field. Sophia has a plan to use Florence to help acheive murderous goals.

By Aita Zulu      October 31, 2011 -- 02:27 PM
One of the books that I can't wait to read is The Red Pyramid, by Rick Riordan. I was recommended this book from a friend because she saw me reading The Lightning Thief and I heard that it was even better than that. It is about two siblings named Carter and Sadie. They set out on a great adventure to save their dad. I recommend this book if you liked the series the lightning thief.

By Lizzie Cho,Talia Grumet room 312      October 31, 2011 -- 02:26 PM
The book Shimmer, by Alison Noel, is about Riley, a twelve year old ghost who finds a vicious dog that leads her to a ghost named Rebecca. She finds out that Rebecca is an evil ghost that traps ghosts in their worst memories. In this book, Riley needs to save Bodhi, Buttercup, and herself,and help Rebecca forget her miserable past.

By Emma R. and Rowan E.      October 31, 2011 -- 01:52 PM
Hello fellow mortals. We are here today to tell you as much as we know about The Ghost of Crutchfield Hall. This mysterious book is about an orphan girl that has found living relatives in the English Countryside.She never expected that her cousin would be haunting Cruchfield. If you are drooling to know the rest, read the book.

By kyle y and tomas dumont      October 31, 2011 -- 01:48 PM
you will like Guinness book of world records for gamers.It is filled with lots of stuff about game. its rated four and a portion stars. this is the book for you if you like games.

By Crystal A. room 310      October 31, 2011 -- 01:36 PM
Cheat Code Explosion is a book that can help with almost any hand-held or almost any console.
It has cheat codes for 'Rabbids Go Home','Lego Harry Potter', and 'W.W.E smackdown'. You can see this only at your Schoolastic Book Fair.

By Andrew Dao and Sarah Young      October 31, 2011 -- 01:33 PM
Star Wars Character Encyclopedia is written by Simon Boecroft. It has a five star rating according to Amazon. This 208 page book features all star wars people from all six movies from Aayla Secura to Zam Wesell.This book shows basic character data such as homeworld, species, height, and appearance.

By Matthew C.      October 31, 2011 -- 01:31 PM
Super Diaper Baby 2 is going to be a great book because it looks like a funny book.It has action,adventure,laughs,and bathroom humor.This is why I want to read Super Diaper Baby 2.

By HayleeN. and desmond.H      October 26, 2011 -- 03:09 PM
The book we really want to read is Ultimate Weird but True. It tells all sorts of weird stuff.One interesting fact is about the Bottle Boat. To raise awareness about smarter new plastic waste, a crew sailed to California USA, to Sydney,Australia.

By Mikah F. and Emma L.      October 25, 2011 -- 07:37 PM
Did you know that an astronaut's heartbeat slows down in space? You can learn about that and much,
much more if you read the book titled Weird but True 3. It has 300 amazing,interesting,and fun facts all in one book. It's a book you won't want to miss!

By Grace N. P10      October 25, 2011 -- 02:47 PM
The Amazing Voyage is about Geronimo Stilton, a journalist from New Mouse Island. He travels to the Kingdom of Fantasy, answering an urgent call from Blossom, the Queen of the Fairies. Cackle, the Queen of the witches, has captured her, sending the Kingdom of Fantasy into a long, endless winter. This book is from the Geronimo Stilton series, and if you enjoy those books, try this one too!

By Michelle T. and Grace M.      October 25, 2011 -- 01:29 PM
I can't wait to read Dogs In The Dead Of Night.
When the magic treehouse puts Jack and Annie back in time to the highest place in the Swiss Alps. They find many monks and Saint Bernard Dogs. Annie can't help asking to train a young dog named Barry.We can't wait to read it!

By Dimitri Brown      October 25, 2011 -- 10:09 AM
Into The Deep is about deep sea creatures like octopuses, squids and cuttlefish. The book looks cool!

By Kory Choy      October 25, 2011 -- 09:50 AM
I can't wait to read Weird But True 3 because there are 300 amazing facts about everything. The facts are so weird in this book that I had to look them up on the computer to find out if they were really true or not. I only read one of the books, so I want to read more.

By Alex      October 25, 2011 -- 09:15 AM
Pokemon Black and White is a great book.It has four stars and fifty people like it.Kids say that it should have five stars. There are a lot of new pokemon to learn about. This book is good for pokemon lovers. The book is really filled with information about pokemon.Pokemon Black and White is a really great, CHECK IT OUT!!!!!!!

By Peri R. 301      October 25, 2011 -- 09:13 AM
This book is amazing! I'm going to tell you what this book is about. It's a fresh twist on the familiar themes of middle-grade family and school dynamics. Another thing is a lot of other girls will relate to Amanda's insecurities,and confidence.

By Kaori Quan      October 25, 2011 -- 08:50 AM
Pokemon Black and white hand book
by game freack
I want to read pokemon black and white handbook
because it sounds like a great book.This book shows all the pokemon in pokemon black and white.
It also shows some of the charaters you might meet in the game.This book will show you everything from pokemon black and white

By Megan Y. & Malia C.      October 24, 2011 -- 02:45 PM
Predator Showdown has facts about two predators that would never meet in real life. This book is for people in grades 4-7.Predator Showdown includes Accelerated Reader Quizzes and Scholastic reading Counts quiz. This book costs $7.99.All the professional reviews were 4-5 stars. We liked this book and we hope you like it to.

By Aita Z.      October 24, 2011 -- 02:42 PM
The Throne Of Fire, by Rick Riordan tells how Carter and Sadie continue on with their great adventures. I want to read this book because, I have always been a HUGE fan of him. He is a great author and that is why any book of his I can't wait to read. If you were interested in The lightning Thief, or The Red Pyramid, then I highly recommend that you read The Throne Of Fire.

By Bruno Z. Sean C.      October 24, 2011 -- 02:40 PM
Darth Paper Strikes Back is a great book.If you haven't read the first book you might not understand the story. Its about a kid named Dwight makes a origami Yoda and then gets expelled. People think that Harvey did it. He created a Darth Paper that's giving everyone bad advice. You'll have to read it to find out.

By Nicole Prislin and Kenzie Taffe      October 24, 2011 -- 02:38 PM
In the novel, The Hunt for the Seventh,written by Christine Morton Shaw she describes death, ghosts,and family secrets when a young girl lives in a very spooky mansion. This book is meant for teenagers because of the suspense and death. This book is rated 4 and a half stars.

By Kaitlyn O. and Mrinalini S.      October 24, 2011 -- 02:38 PM
The book 3:15 is a really scary book about different terrifying stories. This is the first book in the series. 3:15 stands for 3 ways to experience the stories -listen, read, watch, and 15 means it only takes only 15 minutes or less. Amazon rates it with 4 stars. This is recommended for people who like to be scared out of their minds. Suggested ages are 9-12 so little kids in grades 2-K shouldn't read this book. Hope you read the it.

By Brady Chan and Anthony Layson      October 24, 2011 -- 02:31 PM
The 39 Clues: The Medusa Plot room 312
You will definitely like this spectacular book if you have read the other 39 Clue books. This book will excite you if you like adventure and mystery. We hope you check this spectacular book out at the book fair.

By Lauren T      October 24, 2011 -- 02:27 PM
The third in the series, Weird but True has amazed us again with three hundred mind blowing facts. For example, in Italy they serve hot baked pizzas in vending machines. It has been rated 5 star on both Amazons and Barnes and Noble. I;m excited about reading Weird but True 3 because there is so many unbelievable facts that you'll say," Wow I didn't know that!" If you are looking for something to impress your friends and family or just in for something interesting this book is right for you!

By araceli zavala      October 24, 2011 -- 02:26 PM
I can't wait to read The Candy makers written by Wendy Mass. The book is like charlie and the chocolate factory,but except 4 people are inventing a new type of candy.

By Crystal A      October 24, 2011 -- 01:42 PM
I can't wait to read cheat code explosion because my brother is a video game freak!

By Ashley Chu      October 24, 2011 -- 01:39 PM
My best Frenemy I think this book would be great for reading! I read this book 2 times and I thought it was great! This story is about a girl named Ida-may who has a best friend named Stacy Merriwether, but they play a game called truth or dare. Will Stacy and Ida-may's friendship stay together? If you get this book be sure to get the first two books, My New Best Friend and My Last Best Friend. Amazon rated this book 5 stars! Be sure to get at the scholastic Book Fair!

By Shun L. and Adam C.      October 24, 2011 -- 01:34 PM
"3:15" Things That go Bump in the Night is a hot book in the Book Fair , it's a book filled with spine-chilling scary stories that will leave you sleeping with the lights on. It will also give you nightmares and will leave you screaming "Mommy!". The first story is about a boy named Clarence Buchanan,his father's name is Marshall Buchanan. They try to change their town's name from Hachet Ville to something better , but bad things are in store for them. Read on to find out more!

By Michael Waldman 310      October 24, 2011 -- 01:30 PM
Million Dollar Throw, by Mike Lupica, follows Nate Brodie, a die hard New England Patriots fan, who has a chance to win one million dollars at a Patriots game.It is a heart warming story, that has great reviews, so check out Million Dollar Throw today!

By Nyah M., Lilly R.      October 24, 2011 -- 01:24 PM
In a Heartbeat
I knew this was an amazing book from the instant I saw it in the book fair. It is about a girl named Eagen and a girl named Amelia who needs a heart transplant, Amelia lived because Eagen died by half an inch. Eagen isn't gone though she's living on through Amelia which she realizes when she begins to take on different characteristics after her heart transplant. She begins to yell at her family after all they had done for her is it to late to save Eagen?

By Matthew Dalton      October 24, 2011 -- 10:28 AM
Hi! My name is Matthew D. Guinness World Records is a book I can't wait to read. Amazon gave it a 4 half stars. It's brand new so not on a lot of websites.

By Jack V Justin L P07      October 24, 2011 -- 10:16 AM
The book we are reading is Club Penguin:Waddle a lot of Laughs.This book has over 140 jokes!You would like if you making people laugh and like a good joke yourself.

By Sydney and Nicole      October 24, 2011 -- 10:13 AM
Cake Pops, written by, Angie Dudly, is 41/2 stars and is full of delicious recipes. They have pops for all occasions such as, Halloween, sports, and Easter! We are interested in this book because they're easy to make and look so delicious! We think its a perfect book for people who like to bake and are very creative.

By Lauren F      October 24, 2011 -- 10:13 AM
Hi! I can't wait to read Weird but True 3. On Amazon and Barnes and Noble they rated it 5 stars. Weird but True 3 is by National Geographic Kids. If you like reading random facts you should get Weird but True 3!

By Alina S.      October 24, 2011 -- 10:10 AM
I would recommend the book Dork Diaries of a not so Talented Pop Star. I think I would recommend this book to girls who are looking forward to or have already read the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series. Just from looking at the front cover and the back of the book this looks like a outrageously funny and cool book. Amazon has rated this book 4 in a half stars. I hope you are just as excited as me to read this book.

By Annika S.      October 24, 2011 -- 10:09 AM
Tales From the Odyssey Part 2
I can't wait to read this book because I read part 1 and I really loved it. If you love adventure and the Greek gods, then this is the book for you! By the author of Magic Tree House, this book is sure to be exciting. I'm super excited to read it!