Fall Book Fair 2011
What will you be reading from the Book Fair?
Look Who's at the Book Fair!

Watch the Book Fair video. Do you see you or your friends?

What is everyone looking at and choosing from our fall fair?


Please comment below on what makes our book fairs so popular.

Why do you like them?

(Book Fair was voted #1 Favorite Media Center activity last year!)

By Ryan O.      October 28, 2011 -- 05:56 PM
I loved the book fair while it lasted... I'm going to love the next book fair.

By Jenna Kim      October 25, 2011 -- 10:19 AM

I can’t wait to read Eat This Not That because this book tells which foods are good for you and healthy.This book will also help me choose delicious and healthy foods to eat.

By Skye Krainer      October 25, 2011 -- 10:16 AM
I can't wait to read Things That Go Bump In The Night because I have read the first 3 pages and you could just tell it's a really scary book. It's also by my favorite author.

By Duncan W.      October 24, 2011 -- 08:02 PM
I think the book fair is so great because you can buy books instead of checking them out from the library.

By Ellerbe W.      October 24, 2011 -- 02:39 PM
I think the book fair is great because you can explore new books when they are still new

By KaitlynO.      October 24, 2011 -- 02:38 PM

I like book fairs because you get to read the books at the book fair during preview without having to buy them.I can’t wait for the next book fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!

By Lauren T      October 24, 2011 -- 02:38 PM
I always love the book fair because they always have a great selection of books. They also allow you to read and check out the books before you buy them. In the book fair, they sell new series, continuations, and other great books welcome to all ages.

By araceli zavala      October 24, 2011 -- 02:35 PM
I like the book fair because it has so many books to choose from to buy.

By Mrinalini      October 24, 2011 -- 02:34 PM
I like the book fair because we get the chance to buy/read new books that we might not be able to get elsewhere.

By DanielChoi      October 24, 2011 -- 02:29 PM
I really liked the book fair because all my favorite books were here that I wanted. If I could I would've bought all the books in the book fair.

By Suzanna Floersch 312      October 24, 2011 -- 02:25 PM

The book fair is an awesome journey of adventures for kinder gardeners and above. Some kids are going to learn about cooking and dogs and all these other things. What is perfect for adventures are I Survived,Red pyramid, Nancy Drew,and all these others. I think the book fair continue every year for all the minds that think theyre in a story in books that are fun to read!

By Nyah M., Lilly R.      October 24, 2011 -- 01:40 PM
I love the book fair because it has so many books to choose from and it's a good way for everyone to connect and talk about reading. I hope we have some more !!!!!!!

By Ashley Chu      October 24, 2011 -- 01:40 PM
Every year I can't wait for the book fair because it has all these new descriptive books that are also fun!

By Kun Li rm 310      October 24, 2011 -- 01:39 PM
I like the book fair because it brings all the new books of a series that I like.

By Matthew Cooper      October 24, 2011 -- 01:37 PM
I think the book fair is popular ,because you get a chance to by book without driving somewhere.

By maxwell conlin      October 24, 2011 -- 01:36 PM

i really like this year’s book fair because all the books were so organized. also i like the book fair because they had the best prices. i bought this book because i saw the book for 35 dollars at a book store. and over here it 11 dollars. the book pack had three books.

By Katie G. and Katie H.      October 24, 2011 -- 01:36 PM
I like the book fairs because there are so many new books to read.

By Jackie L.      October 24, 2011 -- 01:31 PM
I think the Book fair was awesome!!!!!! I always love it when the Book Fair comes to our school because I am a really fast reader and the books at the book fair are always really cool. If I don't buy the book I am most likely to see it in our library.

By Katia P.      October 24, 2011 -- 10:07 AM
There were so many wonderful books I wanted to by all of them!

By Annika S.      October 24, 2011 -- 10:07 AM
I like the book fair because it gives students a chance to buy new books and learn about great reads when they might not know about any other book stores, and sometimes there are great books yet to be discovered.

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