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Graphics and Google Search

Using the Google Advanced Search Link learn to locate resources, images, and links in Google Advanced Search Google Advanced Search Link





Library of Congress  https://www.loc.gov/library/libarch-digital.html

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Fun Animations

Click on this website to add animated gifs https://www.animationlibrary.com/



Downloading Images from the Web

Searching the web for images | Inserting images to PowerPoint | Editing images

Searching the web for images
There are many image repositories out on the web, but a quick-and-dirty way to find images is through a search engine. Most major search engines allow image searching, but since we are big fans of Google for its effectiveness and simplicity, this is what we will use in this tutorial to demonstrate image searching. You may, of course, use your favorite search engine -- just make sure you are searching for images only (look for the ’Image’ link on the search engine’s home page). Note there is no filiter in this feature.

  • Go to  image search. Do a keyword or advanced search, just like you would search the web for normal links. Examples:

    • cerebellar vermis

    • "neuromuscular junction"

  • Choose an image that you like from the results list. Right-click on the image (extended click for Mac users) and select "Save Picture As..." from the mouse menu.

  • Select the location that you want to save the image in and click ’Save’. Do not click ’save’ before you look at the location, because you might not be able to find the image later.

  • Before closing your browser, try to open the image you just saved, to make sure that everything went well. The last thing that you want is to discard a search you spent time on, only to discover later that you cannot use the image because it has not been saved properly.

    Always beware for copyrighted images when you search the Web because sometimes, a citation is not enough. For a list of sites that allow use of images for educational purposes, click here.