Sustainability through Recycling Changing Societal Behaviors
Are we making a difference?
A Closer Look

Here are the activities that you will participate in as you progress towards your culminating project.



Gather historical information and current trends regarding recycling from the internet.

Requirements: Each group must collect between 10 and 20 resources (includes web sites, documents, images, video). 


Teacher (optional extension): 10 of the resources must be cited using the APA format.



As a group please look at the following questions and have a discussion around these topics. 

  • Do you know the meaning of the term "recycle"?
  • Do you recycle? Why?
  • Why don’t you recycle?
  • Do you think you should recycle?
  • What materials do you recycle?
  • How do you recycle?
  • Where do you recycle?
  • Do you get paid for recycled materials?
  • How much time is devoted to recycling each day or week?
  • Do you think you could recycle more?

Requirements: Record your discussions in the form of a mind map. Utilize a interactive white board, or diagraming program to record your groups thoughts. This will be submitted at the end of the project.



Studet will work in teams to develop a survey on recycling habits and perceptions to deliver to citizens in their community. They will look at their brainstorm to identify an area of interest.

Requirements: Each group will work together to develop a survey that has between 15 and 20 items that is in their area of interest. The survey must be created through some polling software.  The group must survey at least 40 participants. The group will analyze the data and use data they would like to highlight in their project.  Group must submit the raw data at the end of the project.



Students will interview at least ten people utilizing the question developed in the survey.

Requirements:  Students will interview 10 different people and record the interview either by video or audio recording program.



Students will use recording devices to collect images from their field studies or community to use in their project.

Requirements: Students will each submit 10 files for a total of 40 files for the group.



Students working in groups will submit a four page document addressing the following:

  • What did they find about the history of recycling?
  • What was the underlying question(s) they were trying to answer or gather information about through the survey and interview?
  • What did you find from the survey and interview?
  • What can your group take from the data?  What are suggestions you can make to change behaviors or processes in your community in regards to recycling?

Your Choice: Optional Extensions

Teachers can give creative freedom to the students to produce a piece of work that demonstrates their understanding of the current theme.  MadPad, Aurasma (augmented reality) Tutorial:


PuppetPals (similar to ToonTastic)

Microsocpe tool