Sustainability through Recycling Changing Societal Behaviors
Are we making a difference?


Students are expected to present their culminating project to the class in the form of a multimedia piece.


Here are the requirements of the multimedia piece that the group must address. 


  • Contain references to their concept map
  • A screen shot containing the question they are trying to address
  • Include images and videos from their field study
  • Must be at least 4 - 5 minutes long
  • Contain narration addressing the main ideas: history, their community investigation, their survey/interview findings, and what their resolution to improve recycling habits of their community.
  • Contain audio and video clips from the interview
  • Contain video clip of the team conducting the survey and video

Here is another great example of getting the message out about recycling.


Here is a sample of a video that a group of university students have created.


Here is yet another example of a PSA that gets the word out about recycling.