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Mills College Faculty Professional Development

Mills College uses The Seven Principles for Good Practice in Undergraduate Education(Chickering & Gamson, 1987) as guidelines for effective teaching in the classroom. Almost a decade later, Implementing the Seven Principles: Technology as Lever (Chickering and Ehrmann, 1996) was published and tries to apply technologies into the classroom as well.


CSU Chico’s Center for Excellence and Teaching and their Accessibility Resource Center’s online materials was selected to use as our professional development materials as they’ve developed the materials based on the two publications above and we’ve been following their work and programs over the years through our various professional networks and affiliations.


Mills College faculty will be introduced to these materials and will engage in the discussion of what makes good to high quality online instruction. Using the Rubric for Online Instruction, the faculty will discuss how to apply and evaluate their courses created using this rubric.

Outcomes or Goals
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