Professional Development
Am I meeting the expectations that are written out for me?
1.1a How do I involve and guide students in tracking student progess?
  • Intergrates student self-assessment and reflection of progress toward performance levels
  • Engages students in peer assessment of work against criteria/rubric


At the beginning of each year students are assessed with common assessments that will measure their levels of grade level understandings in math, science, writing, and reading. The criteria is set by the county. Once the common assessments are graded I sit with each student and conference with them discussing where they are at and where they need to be. I then coax them into setting goals for themselves to either reach their desired area of the criteria or maintain where they are at. Students then transfer this information onto their portfolio sheets for each subject. These one on one meetings occur three times a year. And revisited on a as needed basis.


This is a sample of the Portfolio I use. (click here)