Professional Development
Am I meeting the expectations that are written out for me?
1.2a What do I do to plan and organize for effective instruction?
  • Delevlop goals that are aligned to district curriculum and/or NGSSS
  • Select instructional strategies based on student learning needs
  • Organize students to interact with new knowledge


When planning for a unit of study I gather all the needed information I have, NGSSS, district curriculum, trade books, activities, and the internet. After reviewing the expectations I brainstorm ideas of activities I can do to engage students attention. Trying to find the "wow moment" for the excitement of learning. I usually supply a hands on activity as a kick off and then plan the next in the needed steps. Creating the end test allows to give a pretest, which in turns allows to see what students already know and what will need to develop. I organize time for students to interact with new knowledge through experiements, turn and talk in partners and in group settings, seated practice work, smartboard activities, homework, and projects.


Example of Created Units