Professional Development
Am I meeting the expectations that are written out for me?
2.1a How do I celebrate student success?
  • The teacher provides students with recognition of their current status and their knowledge gain relative to the learning goal and monitors the extent to which students are motivated to enhance their status.


This is done a few different ways in my classroom. Along with the report card recognition certificates I also add food certificates from local resteraunts that donate certificates. For milestones that I recgonize I give classroom store money for 100%’s and when their team earns the 100% they get classroom store money and points for their team. Stickers and smiles on their graded paper, notes go home "caught being..." There are many opportunities for positive mini celebrations for a job well done for academics and behavior to increase each students desire to be successful.


In addition to regarding grade recognition I also hold celebrations of success at the end of each unit for the hard work the students do. Below are some samples of our celebrations. The celebrations build the community of the class and a chance for each student to share their work. 


Most important: These words are the basis of our classroom enviornment:

Good Better Best

Never Let it Rest

Until Your Good is Better

And Your Better is Best