The Early Growth Of Florida
A Journey Through Time
What  are  the  similarities  and  differences  among  the  Native  American  tribes  of   Florida?


In order to know the similarites and the difference among the Native American tribes of Florida you will need to do some research.Our research will consist of online reading as well reading class materials. You also be answering questions, giving your thoughts, and adding reflections on moodle. Follow the directions and go in order. You have a tab for the rubric to keep track of your grade you may use it as a guide to help you stay on task.



Get Familiar with the Vocabulary

        Florida Native Americans Vocabulary


    1. How much do we know about the Florida Native Americans?  Click Here for Rubric
    2. Read Social Studies Textbook pages 50-53. Complete in your journal questions 1-6 on page 53. 
    3. Visit the following Links and take notes in your journal.
    4. Timucua Culture and Customs 
    5. Tequesta Tribe
    6. Calusa Tribe
    7. Tocobaga Tribe
    8. Some more facts of each of the tribes. Each tribe is listed on top of the website.
    9. Read Pages 54-55 make a Venn Diagram of the Ortona and the Hopewell.
    10. Read text pages 58-63. Complete in your journal questions on page 61 1-6 and the writing activity. Writing Rubric see under Rubric Tab on left.
    11. Complete workbook pages 13-20 in folder.
    12. Choose one of the following assignments:
  • Design a Book Jacket for a story about life as an Apalachee or a Timucua
  • Write a Report from the point of view of a scientist studying an Apalachee village site. Describe what was found and what findings tell about the Apalachee. Uses details from what you learned.
  • Compare and Contrast: What are two ways in which the Tequesta and the Timucua were alike? What are two ways in which they were different?

            13. How much do we know about the Florida Native Americans?  Click Here for



Before you turn in your work look over your rubrics to make sure you are meeting the expectations for your grades.