The Early Growth Of Florida
A Journey Through Time
1)  What  were  the  causes  and  effects  of  the  Seminole  Wars?

Who were the Seminole Indians? Hmm? Wonder if they are from around here. A town not too far from us is called Seminole. The Seminole Indians were descendants from a group of Creek Indians that migrated from Alabama and Georgia after 1715 to aviod conflict with the settlers there. The new group of Creek Indians became known as the Seminole. Seminole in the Creek language means "separatist."

On this journey you will become familiar with the cause and effects of the Seminole Wars. Why they occured and how Florida was effected by the wars and what led to the next ones.

Getting Familiar with Vocabulary

Survey: What do I know about the Seminole Wars?

  1. Read in text pages 136-139. Complete questions in your journal on page 139 1-6
  2. In your journal write a short story of what it might be like for a boy or girl your age to be living in Florida in the early 1800’s.
  3. Read in text pages 140-145. Complete questions in your journal on page 145 all of them.
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  7. Florida Becomes A State! Read text pages 152-155. Complete questions 1-6 & Art Activity in your journal.
  8. Was voting always fair? Read pages 156-157
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  10. What do I know about the Seminole Wars? Answer questions on page 158 & 159 1-11 & 14-16.