Christina's Career ePortfolio
Counseling, Career, Intervention & Education



Hello and welcome to my ePortfolio website. This site gives an overview of my past and current career achievements. There are many attachments to explore that showcase my unique skills, abilities and accomplishments in the field of education. I have created many printed media for students and parents to help in their decision making process for post-secondary education. In addition, I showcase an annual outreach event for Parents and Students to meet with local Community Colleges, CSU’s and Career Technical Educational schools.


Over the past couple of years my focus has been on teaching students to use 21st Century skills within the Transition program. My main focus has been in giving seniors the opportunity to create ePortfolios. This process allows them to create useful job search tools, such as Resumes and Cover Letters, while learning technology skills. Most of my Transition lessons have converted from paper handouts to hands-on lessons using computers and website tools (i.e. KuderNavigator). I have found that students are more engaged when able to interact with software and websites to apply lessons learned in transition. For example, Students take a Career Assessment then use their results to research 3 top career choices and fill out a form. It’s interactive, and student-led.


The goal in creating my own ePortfolio is to put into practice what I preach everyday to my students....that the ePortfoloio is a valuable, effective job search tool built for the 21st Century job market!