Why is the U.S. Falling Behind in the Education Race?

Why Things Need to Change

Standardized Test


The evolution of education throughout the world is in constant motion.  Forward thinking countries such as Finland and South Korea have developed educational systems that many other countries, including the United States, need to investigate in order to improve their own systems.  Requiring students and teachers to perform to a mandated level of academic excellence will not support the need to produce individuals who can lead our world’s diverse populations into the next century.  Standardized testing is not the answer to educational reform.  Decisions’ regarding how to create the best academic system involves creative thinking in addition to the exploration of possible funding sources.   Government officials need to include corporate as well as educational models in order to reform an academic system that is failing in the United States.



This website has been created for parents, students, teachers, administrators, and government officials who are interested in learning about alternatives to standardized testing.  My goal in creating this site is for the reader to feel compelled to contact their Congressman, Senator, local school officials, etc. and help to change American education for the better.  The students today are our future and we need to give them the best education possible. As of right now, there is a lot of room for improvement.






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