The 21st Century Kindergarten Classroom
New Tools, New Challenges, New Rewards
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Welcome to the 21st Century Kindergarten Classroom.  Like so much of education, Kindergarten has changed incredibly in the past two decades.  Higher standards, increased social issues and the bombardment of new media in these five year olds, has created many new problems and excitements.  Kindergarten is a unique age where

This project is for any Kindergarten teachers who are looking to incorporate 21st Century skills into their classroom.  I have been teaching Kindergarten for 17 years and have a lot of great ideas that I would like to share.  To help make this site an even better resource,  I have tried to make it as interactive as possible.  Please take time to look around and check out some of the video links and resources I have found.   But more importantly go to the Lets Talk Section and leave a message with some of your resources, ideas and thoughts.  I look forward to hearing from you and learning too.  



Michael Tillyer