Art in Math?





Who says Math has to be boring?  In these projects students will be incorporating technology skills, art skills, and mathematical skills and concepts.  Creativity can be part of mathematics. 




Dear Parents and Students,


Collaboration and cooperation are the best ways to successfully complete a task.  Be sure you and your partner have a clear line of communication and understand each other.  The projects for my class will require collaboration and discussions in class and out of class.  Please utilize all forms of communication available.  Not only will grades reflect knowledge of standards being assessed but on participation and collaboration with each other.  Students will be grading your partner as courteous!


There are countless resources available to you to refer to.  Be sure to give credit where credit is due.  I will be updating information on this site continuously.  If you have suggestions please feel free to contact me.  I will also be uploading a gradebook option (on eChalk) in which username and password will be required to access yours or your student’s assignment scores.


All rough drafts of work should be done in pencil and then final products are completed as described in each lesson.  Sample work of each project will be displayed in the classroom as well.


Keep in mind, these projects are "authentic assessments" of content learned and practiced in class. Helpful hints will be provided in class and discussions will also be held in class or on eChalk when you have questions or need that second opinion. 


Good luck!  One last word of NOT procrastinate!!!!  (Stress is the enemy).  ;-)




Ms. Angel 


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