Becoming Another Person: Character Transformation
How does an actor effectively portray another person?

The goal of this unit is to introduce an introductory level performer at the secondary level (9-12) to the skills and practices necessary to perform a role or as a character with an understanding of how that character is both similar and different from the performer as well as how they may use different techniques to develop a deeper level of character performance. This lesson is designed specifically for an online classroom.


This author has questioned whether or not an introductory Theatre Arts course could be effectively taught online. The purpose of this project is to explore the idea of transfering a complex performance unit to an internet classroom, employing the advantages of the net as much as possible. Despite the limitations of the internet for a performance-based class, it should still be possible to develop performance skills and understanding of what it takes to perform in an online environment.


Part of the development of this unit assumes that the classroom environment for this course is much like the one used for ETA600A, including a platform such as my-ecoach, which allows for students to create blogs.