Becoming Another Person: Character Transformation
How does an actor effectively portray another person?
6. What do you know about yourself?

Look at yourself in the mirror. Better yet. Take a picture of yourself with your webcam.


Got it?


Good. Now look at yourself. What makes your appearance unique? Is there something about the way you look - your style or your appearance, perhaps - that differentiates you from others? 


Now record your voice saying: "I am an unique individual. My voice has characteristics that are specific to me."


Play it back and listen to yourself. What is it about your voice that is special? Do you have an accent? What is your general pitch? Does it vary? Be specific.


Do you have any quirks? Think about the way people see you or the way in which you wish to be seen and list as many things about yourself as you can.


Finally, think about your biography. Where you’re from and who you know. What you like and what you do for fun. List as many things about yourself that make you unique.


Now make record a video journal in which you describe your findings so that someone watching can get to know you and post it to your blog.