Becoming Another Person: Character Transformation
How does an actor effectively portray another person?
11. Putting the character into play

So now you’ve created a new person that you feel comfortable slipping into (he or she does have a name, right?). What do you do with this person? Do you dress up as this character and go to parties? Do you go shopping as this person? How about going out to a restaurant and having a meal?


If you were a professional improvisational actor, you might create a staged story involving this character and do what is called a "rehearsed improvisation," which is basically an unscripted play. But for now, absent a traditional stage, you must find new venues for performance.


Your challenge is to find a group of people. It can be your family or friends. It can be complete strangers. It is up to you, but you will receive greater credit given the degree of difficulty - meaning if you do something out in public, it is a greater risk and, as such, is rewarded. Watch the following video to see an example of improvisation in public:



Now it’s your turn. Using the video camera on your phone (or any other camera), document at least 3 minutes of interaction with others in character. It need not be as dramatic as the one above. It can be a simple interaction. Please upload your recording to your blog.