Becoming Another Person: Character Transformation
How does an actor effectively portray another person?
Project Standards

This project meets the following Arizona State Theatre Arts Standards:


Strand 1, Concept 2

PO 101. Imagine and describe characters, their relationships, what they want and why (e.g., through variations of movement and gesture, vocal pitch, volume, and tempo).


PO 201. Work individually to create characters for theatre and/or other media productions (e.g., for classical, contemporary, realistic, and non- realistic improvisations and scripted plays).


PO 203. Demonstrate mental and physical attributes required to communicate characters different from themselves (e.g., concentration, sense recall, ability to remember lines and cues, breath and vocal control, body alignment, flexibility, and coordination).


PO 305. Develop and maintain a portfolio of best personal works that exhibit and reflect growth and knowledge as an actor (e.g., DVD of performances, photographs, resume).


Strand 1, Concept 3

PO 102. Establish a playing space and an audience space.


Strand 1, Concept 4

PO 104. Create original, brief stories through improvisation that include a storyline and characters.


Stranc 2, Concept 2

PO 101. Describe how the characters

in a situation might be similar to or different from a real life experience.


PO 205. Analyze the effects of their own cultural experiences on their dramatic work.


Strand 2, Concept 4

PO 201. Demonstrate and identify a character’s wants and needs, and physical, emotional, and social qualities based on historical and cultural influences.


Strand 3, Concept 1

PO 201. Model and use appropriate ways to give, take, and use praise and constructive criticism.


Strand 3, Concept 2

PO 201. Describe physical and vocal attributes appropriate to the characters in the play in class and professional performances.


Strand 3, Concept 4

PO 102. Recall and evaluate the character’s actions in a class improvisation or performance.



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