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Acrostic Poetry

In acrostic poems, the first letters of each line are aligned vertically to form a "word". The "word" is the subject of the poem.


For example:


          Grandma, the best cookie maker ever!

          Runs around giving hugs and kisses.

          Always has special treats just for me!

          Never criticizes.

          Dances around the livingroom.    

          My best friend,

          And I will always love her!     



Today, we are writing acrostic poems about a special person in our lives. Who’s a special person in your life?  Is it your mom, dad, another family member, or your best friend?


Once you’ve decided who your special person is click on the image below and your journey will begin.......

After you have written your acrostic poem we will be collecting the poems to create a class presentation using Animoto, a video slideshow maker. *Be sure to check with your teacher to make sure you are saving your work to the correct location so we can find it later.