Social Learning Summit 2012: Student Learning 24/7
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*Elementary Teacher Librarian K-5

*SLIS MLIS graduate this May with a Masters in Library and Information Science

*Discovery Education DEN Star

*Discovery Education Leadership Council member

*I work with 500 students weekly during their one hour visits as their teachers take a preparation period within their day


My work on my VLC is based on research

by David Loertscher and Carol Koechlin:


Building a Learning Commons

In Command!

The New Learning Commons: Where Learners Win!


 Here are a 4 vimeo podcasts I created to tour my VLC as an assignment for my Masters work. They are from last year so much more content has been added...but it is a tour you could take if you have the time and are really curious about building a VLC.


21st Century Learner

Framework for 21st Century Learners

NETS; National Standards Technology Standards

Common Core Standards

California Model School Library Standards



Front Page Links

Grades K-1

Grades 2-3

Grades 4-5


EarthWeek 2012

Dr. Seuss Day

Fall BookFair 2011

Library in a Box




Endangered Animals


Soupy Saturdays Chapter discussions

Oakland Zoo Project

Heroes Sneak Peek


Dr. Seuss Day

EarthWeek 2012

Winter Olympics 2010

2008 Summer Olympics

Fall BookFair 2011


 Library Lunches is in the planning stages. It will be monthly book talk online using BlackBoard Collaborate and be open to students to talk about their favorite books using a monthly theme. Coming soon. Email me if you are  K-6 and interested in participating.

  EarthWeek 2012
  Dr. Seuss Day

Fall BookFair 2011

Spring BookFair 2011


  Book Give-Away Program


School Loop

Google Sites





BlackBoard Collaborate

Discovery Streaming









*Earthday 2011 Blog Project

Sorry, but the blog posts themselves are private, but you can see the project assignment here.





Surveys on our VLC:

Authors  KidBlog Check 

Favorite 2-3 Authors

EarthWeek 2012 Survey

Be sure to drop down inside the embedded survey so you can see how the results are immediate.




*Endangered Animals Question Wall

If you have a Discovery Account log in on another tab and then you can view the embedded videos on the wall


*Penguins Question Wall

*Penguins embedded wall

This wall is embedded on the page, if you click the pink post a sticky the full page will open for you

 *What’s a Hero? Voicethreads

*Penguins Voicethread

*Penguin Project

*Can’t Wait to Read it video podcasts

We have just finished recording over 45 podcasts recommending books from the BookFair that they haven’t read yet. They will be posted over the next month or so as they are shown on our Lunch Movietime during student lunches.

*Can’t Wait to Read it directions

At the bottom of this page you’ll see how we did this assignment using Spicynodes last Apring. When we got the iPads we took off! The technology is finally so intuitive that we learned to use the tools quickly!

These aren’t posted on our VLC yet, but they are created and hosted on my Vimeo account, which you can also peruse and see other videos created to share information and knowledge. Videos I created to share with professors as work product are also there.

Can’t Wait to Read it! 1st grade



*Online Videos EarthWeek 2012

*DE Streaming Videos recommended by Bay Farm students


*Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash Learning Space

*WebConferencing page 2012

*WebConferencing page 2011


The Dr. Seuss Birthday Bash is an example of curation over time. There are opening pages for each celebration for the past several years...the trivia challenge and other pages have added links and content as students comment along the way and find more info. This is an example of building collaborative intelligence over time!

Wax Museum Research Links

Oakland Zoo Trip

Some examples of using Comment boxes within learning spaces:


Letters to the Lorax

Talk About Dr. Seuss Books

Take the Earth Day Pledge

What do you like about Book Fairs?


Summer@Bay Farm Link

Math Facts Page 2-3 links to Arcademic Builders

We use JetSKi, Kitten Match, Island Subtraction




Hope that these links are helpful.

Email me with any questions. Happy to talk with you!