Volume of Solids
What is Volume? How do we FIND it?

Lesson 3: Volume of Rectangular

Prism and Cube



In each of the following lessons, there will a short video tutorial. Please view the videos in their entirety. Next there will be a link to an activity. The activity will require you to interact with object and there will be a short assignment attached to it. After the activity, a formal assignment will be given. Clicking on the blue assignment link will download a document. You can either work on it as a document or print it. You must submit the document via email. You can either scan the document in Baldwins office or take a picture of it and upload it to a computer. Follow the direction and at the very bottom of the page will be instruction as to where the next lesson is located. 



Video - Volume of Rectangular Prism

Watch the entire video. The purpose of this video it to re-orient you with the concept of volume and to show you an exapmle of how to calculate the volume of a Rectangular Prism. 


Activity - Dissection of Cube

Identify the faces of the shapes of the shape. Play with the zoom level, solid/net, and tranparent/shaded. Comment about what the shape is made up of in a blog


Activity - Rectangular Prism/Cube

Experiment with the dimensions of height, wideth, and length of the shape. Perform the proper formula to find the volume before you change the dimensions on the activity. Pay attention to what happens with the volume. Can you make different shapes with the same volume? How? Do you think this is possible with different shapes? Post about your thoughts here


Assignment 3: Volume of Rect. Prism and Cube

This assignment will require you to turn in via email. Students should print out the worksheet, show all work, and either scan or take a photo of their completed work. 


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