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Meet the Author

Alonzo Salt
My Marketing Text
  • Always working on rethinking training and thinking outside the box to deliver new ways of training delivery in corporate world where there is constant change.
  • President of oxyGeN Florida - a young professionals organization for volunteer work and networking.
  • Volunteer - United Way, Habitat for Humanity and more.

My Philosophy

Working as a Lead Training Manager in Corporate America is very challenging and exciting. In order to remain competitive I am always looking at ways to incorporate new inventions like the iPad, new web 2.0 tools such as Facebook, twitter or even in-house social networking sites to reach our students that are submersed in this new technology and tools. Change has not been easy and inexpensive however we face a time where it is imperative that we embrace these changes in order to meet the needs of our students and remain competitive in the market place. Fresh instructional design ideas are always welcomed and should be explored as we prepare our 21st century students.

My Community

Instructional Designers, Teachers and Instructors of all backgrounds have valuable information, this wealth of information I wish to see shared as we grow and learn from each other. Knowledge is power, as we face a new time where students need us to deliver training with the same learning methodologies but with new tools that enhance it.


Students also are welcomed to participate in surveys and feedback sessions with the teaching community, without this we would not know what our students need from us as their Educators.

My Environment

Working in a corporate atmosphere we are constantly changing day to day. The training organization is constantly faced with challenging projects from creating last minute training curriculum to having our instructors fly at a moment’s notice all over the world to deliver training.

My Roles and Responsibilities
  • Lead Training Manager at AT&T
  • Support and train call centers all over the world
  • Certify, Develop, Observe AT&T Instructors
  • Design of cirriculum