International Dot Day
How will you make your mark?
How to Connect the Dots 2019

Join our "Connect the Dot Day" project to celebrate International Dot Day!


Students "Make their Mark" by creating a Dot any size, using any materials, sign their dot and tell how they will make their mark, then share with others.

Here’s our project timeline:

1. Students will watch the Interactive SmartBoard version of ’The Dot" narrated by the author Peter Reynolds himself during their Library visit and discuss the project details.

2. Sometime during the week before Dot Day, students will make their dot, either in the classroom or at home, to turn in for the project "Connect the Dots @ Bay Farm"

3. As they create their Dot, students will also think about "making their mark" on the world and will be encouraged to write inside their dot a message of how they will make a mark to make a difference in the world. Turn in your Dot to the "Dot Basket" in the Library/Media Center when your Dot is ready.

4. On Dot Day (September 15ish) and the entire week of Dot Day we will be "Connecting the Dots." We will "publish" our dots throughout the school and connect them with yarn links to show the power we have in making a difference when we focus our energies together.

You can sign up below as a class, or individually to let everyone know that you will be creating a Dot and give feedback about making your mark!

Happy Reading....and Dot Making!




Here's a movie we made showing our Dots from 2014





 Sign up for Dot Day and tell us how you will make your mark!