Learning with Minecraft EDU
Reimagining the Ancient World

How is Minecraft EDU different from Minecraft?

Minecraft EDU is different from Minecraft because of the increased level of teacher control. Teachers will have the ability to freeze, block chat, and ban participants with the click of a button. Also, the game will be played in your child’s Core Humanities classroom with strict, teacher oversight. Finally, students will not be able to access our classroom server when they are at home. Our Minecraft server will be hosted internally on our district’s network.


How does Minecraft allign with our district vision?

Minecraft EDU provides an environment where students must solve problems that require critical thinking, creativity, and technological insight. Emotionally, students will gain a strong sense of digital citizenship. Through their online interactions, the virtual learning environment of Minecraft EDU will expand their perspective of humanity, enhance their collaboration skills, and build an innovative community of learners. And finally, we believe our game-based curriculum will enable students to make this valuable correlation: the way we treat others in our virtual world is just as important as the way we treat others in the physical world of today.


Why share student work with the educational community? 

We feel this gives students a sense of ownership and provides them an authentic audience for their learning. In addition, the pictures and experiences we share will provide other teachers within our district a model for using virtual learning environments in their own classrooms. Finally, we will not publish any identifying information about your child beyond a first name.