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Meet the Author

Tim Clifton

Herbert Hoover HS

Kanawha County Schools, WV

My Marketing Text

It's going to be a GOOD day!


My Philosophy

I am a relational teacher, and believe that I can best help children grow by knowing them well enough to individualize when needed, and helping them to be glad to walk into my room every day.  When I engage students with great science, I can get more out of them.  I believe a variety of teaching approaches does that.

My Community

Hills of West Virginia, north of Charleston along the Elk River.  It seems sometimes that half the school hunts, fishes and wears camo Carharts to school.  The other half are small town middle class, ’live in front of the tv and computer’ students, but they generally get along.  Many fit in neither box.  My job is never dull, and I usually smile at work: I love kids and I love to teach.

My Environment

I am one of two biology teachers in a school of somewhat less than 900 students 9-12.  Our county is 'very' poor, and I get most of my supplies at Walmart.  They give me a few hundred for all expendable science supplies, but that has to include all pencils, paper, printer ink and copy paper.  It's so poor here that the kids have to pay to get to the better assemblies to make money for the office to keep running the school.  The air conditioning and heat work 3/4 of the time.

My Roles and Responsibilities

This year I have 5 sections of 10th grade biology, with other grades mixed in; I have one section of conceptual biology with a teacher aid to help; and one section of junior/senior anatomy.  To help with the state test, which runs our curriculum, we also teach 25 minutes every day of things our school scored low on, and the kids rotate to various disciplines.

At home, my responsibility is to love my wife and be a dad to 6 kids, 3 in college and 3 at home.  I don’t want to be an absentee dad and I take them to church, and get them off the computer to play, sing, hunt, fish, hike, camp and ride 4 wheelers on our land.  I love to go home.