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GPS & Geocaching


The Tool Of Geocaching


     The heart of Geocaching is using a GPS unit to find the coordinates of the ’cache’ or hidden treasure.  With modern technology, you can usually come within a few yards or even feet of the hidden geocache container.  Without it, you drive by hundreds or even thousands of caches without even knowing it.


     Geocaching is a fun game, using a GPS unit to find a box or container hidden by someone else.  The user can buy a good GPS for around $99.  There are lots of bells and whistles for more money.  Two worth mentioning are a walkie-talkie GPS, and a cell phone GPS.  The buttons are few, and the instructions are understandable.  Basically, you have to be ’outside’ to pick up the satellite signals, but in a car or beside a window usually works.  You turn it on, wait for the satellites to read in, and punch in or load from your computer the coordinates to your cache.  Then you follow your map and GPS to the area; get out of the car, and let the GPS lead to you ’ground zero’.  More detailed instructions are in the tab, "Geocaching 101".


Which Buttons Do I Push?


     In the web links tab are some sources to obtain a GPS.  Once you do they all operate about the same.  Below is how to operate a standard hiking GPS (not a hybrid).  Enjoy:


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