Cajas de Cartón de Francisco Jiménez (BAFLP Tech Final Project) (Clone)
¿Qué nos enseñan las experiencias de la vida?
Learning Objectives
  • The students will learn how our life experiences shape who we are, what we believe in, what we value, and how these experiences can help us make positive contributions to society.
  • The students will learn about the life of Francisco Jimenez and the struggles he had to face and overcome throughout his childhood.
  • The students will read and analyze Cajas de Carton to better understand the life of Francisco Jimenez and reflect on the struggles his family faced after immigrating to the United States.
  • The students will read chapters from Cajas de Carton and review literary (terms include characters, protagonist, setting, plot, conflict, etc...)  The students will also review vocabulary from selected chapters.
  • The students will learn narration in the past tense and will focus on using the past tense (preterit and imperfect).  Additional emphasis will be placed on the use of accents in the past tense, conjugation of irregular verbs, and spelling changes.
  • The students will watch the movie Bajo la misma luna and compare and contrast the life experiences of the main characters (Panchito and Carlitos).  They will also compare and contrast the life experiences of the families in both stories.
  • The students will research the life of a famous Latino and focus on how their life experiences shaped them and how these experiences led them to ultimately contribute to the Latino community.