Endeavor Fly-By
What do you know about the Endeavor?
Collaborative Resource Links

Let’s build a list of web links of places to find out more about the Endeavor and the space program. When you click on a page, use the back button to come back to this page.


Use the comment box below and cut and paste urls you find helpful.

Lizzie C. found this article about the Endeavor flight over California
   Mrinalini S. found the NASA Drydon Flight Research Center status report on their website
Find out about the shuttle mission at this NASA site. Kaitlyn found this article
   The NASA Kennedy Space Center website has an article that tells about the Endeavor’s early days. Researched by Ashley C.
  Did you know that the Endeavor was named in a student naming competition? This article from the NASA Kennedy Space Center is about naming the space shuttle. Researchers: Ashley C, Andrew D, and Halie D.
Read this article to learn about the Fly Over and where the Shuttle passed by on its trip to Los Angeles. Researched by Giselle F., Araceli Zavala,
Read this article that tells about the final missions of the shuttle program. Jackie L found this article.
  Malia C. did a Yahoo image search to find these pictures of the space shuttle
  Here’s a Wikipedia article that explains what the space shuttle is. Haylee Nguyen contributed this link .

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