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We have lots of visitors to Bay Farm School especially after implementing our Innovative Plan and becoming a K-8 school. Now, even more visitors are signing up to tour our campus!


As part of our 20th Anniversary, 6th graders created a digital tour of Bay Farm School using QR Code technology and have been updating this tour annually ever since!


If you come to Bay Farm you will notice QR codes all around our school and if you use a QR code reader (free app for your smart phone or tablet) you can learn more about our many programs, activities and learning services. Each QR code will take you to specific webpages created by our 6-7th graders that share important information about Bay Farm School.

And if you can’t take the physical tour by walking our campus....

you can click the tabs on the right  and take our digital tour online.....so have fun learning about us!


Don’t forget to keep coming back as we keep updating our tour with new comments and visuals!


We hope you enjoy the tour!



update in progress 2019

By Giselle F.      March 11, 2014 -- 11:17 AM
In 7th grade at Bay Farm we have the best dances. Everybody who goes to the dances love them! We have the students choose the music they enjoy, so everyone is happy about songs they play. We have great snacks to enjoy at the dance while you’re not dancing such as candy, chips, soda, nachos, and more, all for 50 cents. Do you want to feel like a winner? Well in our dances we have raffles to win great prizes such as gift cards, candy, CDs of songs played at the dance, and lots more! Whenever you pay for admission which is $5, you get one raffle ticket free, so everyone has a chance to win. Raffle tickets are $1 each if you really want a prize. We have games where everyone is screaming and laughing, we have a fun variety of games like limbo and beachball pass. If you come to the dance you don’t have to dance to Gangnam Style with your friends, you can just sit down and chat while enjoying Skittles and Dr.Pepper. Here are what students that came to the dance think :
“They’re fun!” ~Anonymous
“These dances are so exciting!” ~Anonymous #2