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In Kindergarten, our students are learning foundational reading and English language arts skills to start them along the path to becoming lifelong  readers, writers, and communicators. We help students make sense of the alphabet and its role in reading. Students begin to develop writing skills by using a combination of drawing, dictation, and writing. They also learn to ask and answer questions to get help, clarify understandings, and learn new information. In math, students are introduced to the relationship between numbers and quantities and begin to develop their knowledge of place value as they count and manipulate numbers with sets of objects. They also begin to study history and social science through experiences they bring from their famillies and community. They study what it means to be a good citizen, national symbols, work, time, and life in the past. Science instruction builds upon our students’ natural curiosity and exploration by asking questions and investigating both natural and physical science. We also have weekly music, motor perception, and library visits where we check out books and learn new technologies.


In First Grade, we work hard on our reading, writing and math skills. We do science investigations and all kinds of activities to help us learn about the world around us. Some of the special things we do in first grade are motor fitness and P.E. to help us stay healthy. We have readers theater and invite our families so they can see we are becoming great readers. We learn about animal habitats, the continents and oceans and we work to take care of our garden with our garden teacher, Miss Lorri. We love to sing and play all kinds of games that help us learn to work together.


What our 6-7th graders have to say:

Children start out at Bay Farm in Kindergarten and first grade. Two favorite activities in Kindergarten are Readers Theater, and searching for the Gingerbread Man. Two popular activities in first grade are raising ladybugs and weekly motor fitness.

Kindergarten and First grade are full of fun learning experiences when you are beginning your school years. Megan Y.

In Kindergarden we did so many fun learning projects. One of my favorites was raising live frogs. On the first day, my teacher brought in a tank with water filled with frog eggs. The eggs had a little black dot in the center with a clear jelly-like substance around it. After a couple of weeks the eggs started to change. We took notes and made books about the life cycle of a frog. After a few months the eggs turned into tadpoles and the tadpoles turned into jumping frogs. When they fully grew up we set them free in a nice pond. That’s how fun the Kindergarten experience is at Bay Farm School. Hannah C.

Kindergarten and First grade are a great way for the little kids to start learning at Bay Farm because they get to do really fun learning activities. One of the activities they get to do is to go around the school as they search for the Ginger Bread Man because he "ran away" after they made him. The Kindergartners make missing posters and put them all around the school. After the little kids find the Gingerbread Man they eat it. Araceli Z

In Kindergarten you get to hunt for the Gingerbread Man! You read the story and bake a Gingerbread Man and then you make a Gingerbread hat for your journey and the hunt is on! Your whole class is lead by your teacher in the race to find him. While looking for the Gingerbread Man the Kindergartners get a tour of the school. After you find him you get to eat him as a snack... Yum! Halie D. 

Making Gingerbread Houses in Kindergarten!