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2nd Grade

Students work on fluency, comprehension, and analysis during reading instruction. They ask clarifying questions, use text features, locate and use information, and analyze author meaning and literature. They write using conventions and begin developing reference and organization skills. They also revise and edit their writing. They build addition and subtraction fluency in math, and begin simple concepts in multiplication. They work with linear measurement and attributes. They also develop algebraic thinking, geometry, and work on number operations in base 10. Students have weekly visits to the Library/Media Center, Music and PE and participate in school events and educational fieldtrips. They study families today and past, geography and mapping, and local government in social studies. And in science they categorize, observe, and interpret nature, and learn to predict outcomes using the scientific method through hands-on experiments. Students develop their visual and performing arts talents through a vareity of classroom, support, and all school activities/events throughout the year.

Third Grade

In third grade students focus on vocabulary acquisition, comprehension strategies, text analysis, language conventions, and writing. Students use context as a vocabulary strategy. They analyze literature and determine theme and message. They learn to apply writing conventions and skills at increasingly higher levels, and share oral presentations. In math, they deepen their understandings of place value and computation and develop understandings of fractions, area/perimeter, attributes, and algebraic thinking. In Social Studies they study the history and change of our local community of Alameda, preparing for their study of California in fourth grade. They build upon their curiosity in science by making careful, repeatable, and valid observations and predictions through experiments and research. They develop library, music/performance, and physical education skills through weekly visits to Media Center, Music, and PE. They participate in educational fieldtrips and project-based learning activities like "Market Place" and other all-school events and activities.

What our sixth graders have to say:

During second grade you, as a student, feel like you’re growing up. One big activity we did was taking care of a caterpillar which transformed into a butterfly. We learned the life cycle the creature went through. The learning experience helps you work like a scientist. You observe, infer, and predict. These skills will help you through your educational future. So second grade is a life changing moment. And it’s where you begin science, and start to learn how scientists think and work. Sammie K.


2nd grade was one spectacular year! Science was my favorite subject, especially working with mealworms and butterflies! When we grew mealworms, our teacher gave us a vile, a worm, and some oatmeal. We watched the worms grow into bugs right on top of our desks! Although most of them died before becoming an adult, it was fun to watch them grow from day to day. I also loved growing butterflies! Our teacher brought in some caterpillars in a plastic container. (They brought in monarch caterpillars because they grow very quickly.) We loved watching the caterpillars grow into huge, beautiful butterflies! Sydney C.

Second and third grade are probably two of my favorite grades in elementary school. Second grade is fun because you do a lot of fun learning activities like working with our buddies and math activities. When I was in second grade my favorite fieldtrip was Ardenwood Farm. When we went there it was during Halloween so there was a haunted house and there were people in period dresses and overalls. We also got to pet all the farm animals. In third grade we had a Marketplace where it’s like a carnival, but the kids host it. We pay the people with pretend money called Bayfarm Bucks we earn for good behavior during the school year. Araceli Z