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4th Grade

Students read a variety of genre in literature reflecting different times and cultures. They study the structures of poetry, prose, and drama. They summarize and analyze informational text, organize informational research and compare first/second hand accounts and author point of view. They focus on academic language and vocabulary. They also develop independent vocabulary and create and organize structures for writing. They write longer, detailed informational and explanatory projects. They use technology to find information, collaborate with others, and produce/publish information, writings, and presentations. In mathematics students perform multi-digit arithmetic. They use whole numbers to fluently add and subtract, multiply and divide and develop an understanding of fraction equivalence, addition and subtraction of fractions, and classification of geometric shapes based on properties. In history-social science, students use maps to learn about California’s mountain ranges, coastal region and bays, natural harbors, river valleys and delta regions. Students study the major groups of American Indians, their distribution, social organization, legends, and beliefs, and economic activities. They learn about European exploration and colonial history, Missions, ranchos, and the Mexican War for Independence. They learn about the California Gold Rush, Statehood, and the completion of the transcontinental railroad. They learn about modern California, immigration, technology, and cities. They also learn the structures and functions of local, state, and federal government. Our students take exciting fieldtrips to Coloma and the state capital to deepen their understandings. They also participate in weekly classes in music, library and technology, and PE. 


5th Grade

Students read a variety of genre and informational texts in fifth grade. They build upon foundational skills of the lower grades to enhance their fluency and accuracy. Emphasis is on comprehension of complex narratives and informational texts. They analyze how structure, point of view, visual elements, and figurative language contribute to meaning and tone. They work to determine theme, point of view, evidence that supports an argument, and to draw inferences and conclusions. They learn and use academic/domain specific language from their reading in their writing and speaking. They conduct research using digital and print resources, group and organize information, and present their writings and presentations to others. In mathematics they apply their understandings of fractions, develop fluency in multiplication and division of decimals, and work with volume and classification of two dimensional figures. They graph points on coordinate planes to solve real world problems. They deepen their understandings of operations and algebraic thinking. In history-social science they study the development of the U.S with a focus up to 1850. They focus on the land and people before Columbus, the age of exploration, cooperation and conflict, settling of the colonies, the road to war, the American Revolution, the development and significance of the Constitution, life in the young republic, and westward expansion. In science students learn to develop testable questions and plan investigations, choosing correct tools for each experience. Science topics are organized physical, life, earth science/water, earth science/weather, earth science/solar systems,and investigation/experimentation. Students enhance and extend their learning through the Headlands Fieldtrip. Students also receive standards-based instruction in Music, Library/Technology and PE weekly.  


What our sixth graders have to say:

Coloma fieldtrip 2013


5th grade was by far my favorite year at Bay Farm. We went to Marin Headlands, played fun educational games, and had a great time learning. I had the two best fifth grade teachers in the world. The other students in my class were always nice and supporting. So now you know that not only the teachers at Bay Farm School are nice but the students are too. Lizzie C


5th grade at Bay Farm is amazing. In 5th grade we went to the Marin Headlands for an overnight field trip. In addition to going to Marin we learned so many different things in really interactive ways. If I had to choose, 5th grade would be my favorite. Mrinalini S.


5th Grade was a fantastic year. We did many fun things like field trips, carnival, study buddies, plays, and more. Bay Farm has amazing teachers and classmates. I guarantee you will have fun in fifth grade if you go here. Gabby G


Student Council


Student Council is an optional activity for students to do. Each 4-6 class chooses four representatives to organize school celebrations. Student Council can make school days into absolute fun like Wacky Tacky Day, or Cowboy Day. Students can also share their ideas with the members of the Council. Student Council has a meeting every week or so and I love to go. If you want to spice up your school day, get into Student Council! Sammie K


Student Council is a way to represent your classroom. To get into Student Council you have to give a convincing speech in front of your class. Then they will vote for four representatives. In Student Council you plan fun spirit days like Wacky Tacky Day, Hawaiian Day, Dress up like your Favorite Celebrity Day, Pumpkin Carving Contest, etc. There are meetings you have to attend to show you are an official member. If you want to represent your class, Student Council is for you! Katie H.