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Library/Media Center

All students K-7 visit the Library/Media Center weekly. Students check out books, develop essential library location, reference, and literacy skills, and utilize technology to enhance their learning. The California Model School Library Standards and Common Core Standards guide the Library/Media Center curriculum and instruction K-8.


Technology skills are aligned with Common Core, ISTE Standards, and 21st Century Skills. Students use iPads in a 1:1 learning environment as well as netbooks, chromebooks, and SmartBoard technologies. They also participate in online webinars throughout the year expanding their online learning community beyond our local school site to a global community of learners.


Library activities are launched from our Bay Farm Virtual Learning Commons (VLC) website. You can learn more detailed information about our activities from our Library Blog launching this fall.


We celebrate reading throughout the year through our weekly activities and lessons, Fall and Spring Book Fairs, Dr. Seuss Day, Library in a Box, International Dot Day, and many more all-school events sponsored by the Library/Media Center.


Come read and learn with us!


 Here’s what our middle school students say:

I think Media Center is absolutely great. In Media Center, we learn about what’s going on the internet, local news, and important events. We also get to use our wonderful technology like ipads, chromebooks, and smartboards. Jackie M.

In Media Center, 6th Graders, like me, bring in our Netbooks and use 1:1 iPads. But that’s not the only thing we pay attention to.

We also pay attention to books in our Library/Media Center. We have over 14,000 books in our collection. In the Media Center there are so many types of books that sometimes it’s hard to choose one. That’s how great our library collection is.

Hannah C


At Bay Farm School we use iPads and netbooks during Media Center. We use alot of technology at Bay Farm. We go on websites like Edmodo, DigitWhiz, and Tagxedo.com.

We have BookFairs  two times every year. We also do the Library in a Box project when we collect books to send to schools that that have had an earthquake or a hurricane. Malia C


Book Fairs at Bay Farm are awesome! Every year, at the beginning and end of the year, we have a Book Fair! Ms. Clement and volunteers from the PTA help organize the BookFair. Ms. Clement makes a website for each Book Fair for us to use and learn more about authors and book titles of each Fair. Some awesome features are the Book Fair Give Away and Can’t Wait to Read it projects. Matthew D.

Bay Farm is an amazing school, and you should come here if you want to learn faster and better. An awesome activity in the Library/Media Center we have here is called Book Fair. I know every school has a Book Fair, but this one is off the chart.

You get to sign up to win a free book from the Fair,

make a Wish List, select books from the Fair to go into the library collection, and on one of the nights, we have Karaoke Night. It’s super fun. There is ice cream, singing, and when all your friends are there, you can all play tag around the whole school! Book Fairs here are just plain awesome!





I like the Media Center because I love to look for books to read. I love the way our library is organized and how neat the room is. When I enter the room I feel like I am entering a world of books. I really like to read and I hope that you do too. I also hope that if you come to visit Bay Farm you will visit the Media Center. Paulina L.




We have Media Center once a week. We also check in and out library books, and we check them in and out and out by ourselves using our digital circulation program. 6th graders also bring our net-books with us. We usually use our net-books and the iPads and use the Media Center web pages to complete activities linked there. For one thing, tools like Wall Wisher tell what books we are reading and what we recommend to others. You just have to come and visit to see all that we are working on, or go on our website to see our activities and projects.  When we use our iPads we use them to answer questions from table teams and to create presentations to publish.  If you like to read and use technology, you should come to Bay Farm! Natalie D



The Media Center is a "Book Temple". The library part has literally thousands of books, actually around 14,000 total books. We have Graphic Novels (comics), Sci-fi, Fiction, Horror, Mystery, Nonfiction, and many more. Twice a year we have a Book Fair where we sell tons of cool books and we even give some away. If reading is your paradise, Bay Farm is the school for you. Gabe M.

During Media Center visits we use lots of different types of technology. We also get to work on fun projects like this QR Code Tour. We also take part in projects like "Library in a Box" where we send boxes of books to schools that need them or have been damaged by natural disasters. This project gives students a chance to contribute to a great cause. Mrinalini S

During Media Center we get to use a lot of technology, like ipads, netbooks, computers, and the internet. Mrs.Clement, our Media Center teacher librarian, comes up with many great projects for us to work on. Our Media Center has more than 14,000 books we can check-out! At Bay Farm School we love to read! Katie G




I think Media Center is absolutely great. In Media Center, we learn about what’s going on on the internet, local news, and important events. We also get to use our wonderful technology like iPads, Chromebooks, and Smartboards. Jackie M.


By Lukas S.      November 30, 2014 -- 03:08 PM
Media Center an interesting subject where we learn about books and new kinds of technology.
Recently we have received the option to bring iPads, Chromebooks, or Netbooks. These tools have come in handy throughout the school day. We can take notes on them, visit educational websites, and take online tests. Another amazing factor of Media Center are the Book Fairs. Book Fairs are organized by Mrs. Clement and the PTA. It has cool new books and lots variety for all ages.

By QuinnD      November 24, 2014 -- 05:54 AM
During the Media Center we check out books, use pages on the Bay Farm website and learn about creative and new technology. While doing that we get to use amazing devices like iPads, Chromebooks, Smartboards, and other devices we bring from home through BYOD. Bring Your Own Device is an amazing program where we bring personal devices from home to use for school.

By Grace Wasson      November 23, 2014 -- 02:48 PM
I love the new addition called BYOD in the middle school. BYOD or bring your own device is when everyone in the middle school brings their own device and does work on it. For example, I bring a chrome book and I use it to do science assignments, research, and use Google Drive. Thank You Mrs. Clement for making it happen at Bay Farm Middle School!

By Steven Nguyen      November 22, 2014 -- 07:11 PM
I think the bay farm media center is a great place to learn about technology and a great place to borrow your books if you go to bay farm school.Also the people who works there have great ideas like the B.Y.O.D. which stands for bring your own device which will help you worry less about breaking your device.

By Sidney Ung      November 20, 2014 -- 08:41 PM
When you are in middle school you get to participate in a lot of fun activities. One of them is BYOD which stands for bring your own device. The whole middle school gets to bring there own device to school or borrow or even buy one from the school. When you bring your own device it is better than just borrowing one because when you have to do an activity you can just pull it out and there it is. I think we should keep having BYOD.

By Ethan Wong Grade 6      November 19, 2014 -- 05:47 PM
I really like the library because there is just so much variety in the books. Also I like the BYOD very much. To top it all off, the librarian (Ms.Clement) is super nice! That is what I like about the media center.

By Mohamed Kaanoune      November 19, 2014 -- 04:52 PM
I think media center is good. You learn about technology and reading books. You get to use your devices such as Chromebooks, i pads, etc.

By Olivia L      November 19, 2014 -- 02:59 PM
I love media center because we get to do a lot of fun things with Mrs.Clement. One of the things we do is that we get to bring our own devices to use in media center,like cromebooks, ipads, and netbooks. It is really fun to bring your own device!! Another thing we do in media center is that we have really cool projects we do, like book recommendations, and other new things Mrs. Clement is going to teach us about. Mrs. Clement also teaches us new tricks and things to do with technology, and since we are growing up in a more modern world, the things we do in media center may apply to the real world. Finally, we get to check out great books, and have a fantastic time.

By Justin W.      November 18, 2014 -- 07:13 AM
Media Center is a great way for kids to get to learn how to use technology. In media center you get to play math games, code things, and much more. We do all kinds of things with IPads, Chromebooks, Smartboards, you name it.

By Zoe S.      November 17, 2014 -- 02:56 PM
i like the media center a lot because we use technology for projects, and we get to read awesome books,and we get bring our own devices! i also like the book fair because its easier than going to the book store and buying a book. the media center is awesome!

By Suzanna Floersch      February 9, 2014 -- 06:06 PM
Library is fantastic! 7th graders get to use chrome books and 6th grades get to use net books! It is really cool to use these electronics because it can help us with homework and learning new information. Our teacher is fantastic too!