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The music program at Bay Farm School begins in Kindergarten with Mrs. Linney teaching basic rhythm and pitch.  1st grade begins music with “Ms. Bonnie” teaching a repertoire of simple songs, games, movement and rhythm instruments. Each year builds upon the previous adding xylophones and increasingly complicated music.  4th graders learn to play the recorder and are expected to practice at home. 5th graders continue recorder skills. Theatre and performance skills are taught throughout the grades.  6th grade is offered a ukulele class in addition to vocal and drama.   All students receive one hour of music per week.  Performance opportunities are offered in class, as school assemblies, and in the evening.  The goal of the music program is to instill the love of music in the students of Bay Farm School. We also hope to build their confidence by giving them a safe and encouraging place to try their musical skills, in hopes they may enjoy many varieties of music in the future.


What the middle school students have to say:


Bay Farm School has a great music program with a teacher that is out of this world! Ms. Bonnie trains us thoroughly, and practices recent pop songs, such as Safe and Sound, or Good Time, making it enjoyable for students to sing along. We exercise our note knowledge, participating in entertaining games, like Staff Wars. Bay Farm School has after school activities as well, like the Glee Club, Band, and Ukulele, for Bay Farmers to have more musical choices. Music is a great way to live a happier life here at Bay Farm!

Ellerbe W.

During music, we do so many fun activities.  The teacher, Ms. Bonnie, teaches us vocal exercises, how to read music notes, and how to play different instruments.  We also do many educational plays like “The Incredible Westward Movement” and “Bullies Anonymous”.  Ms. Bonnie usually assigns us songs, but sometimes she lets us request our own ,favorites like “Roar” by Katy Perry or “Cups” by Anna Kendrick.  Ms. Bonnie is a great music teacher because she’s very encouraging and helpful.  She always finds a way to get the best out of people.  That’s why our music program is spectacular!  Hannah C.

We get to sing and learn new music. Ms. Bonnie teaches us to do vocal warm-ups before singing, while looking at ourselves in the mirror. She also showed fun apps and games to play so you can learn the music notes more effectively! We get to sing "Cups" by Anna Kendrick and "Safe and Sound" by Capital Cities in class. Students are able to play any instrument they want in class. - Jasmine T

    Our music teacher, Ms. Bonnie, is such a sweet, kind teacher.  She teaches us about a wide range of music such as pop songs like Good Time, and older songs like Turn the Beat Around.  She is so full of energy and loves teaching.   Not only does she teach our music class, she also extra activities during lunch and after school.  She hosts our ukulele group and glee club. In our ukulele and glee clubs. We learn to sing and play different songs like  Aloha Oe’ and  Let it Be.   ~Sydney C.

    The Music class in Bay Farm is also very interesting when it is held by Mrs. Bonnie. She uses her own money and purchased a lot of ukuleles and a lot of other instruments. To protect our naïve throat, she always gives us mouth warm ups and vocal warm ups. She is always smiling and waiting for your question, I love music! Steven Walxim


Music is a program where students sing, practice their plays, and play instruments. Our teacher, Ms. Bonnie, chooses plays for classes to perform to their parents and the whole school each year. She really makes us want to learn how to sing. Ms. Bonnie is funny but serious at the same time and I like that about her. Each class grades 1-6 class goes to music on a separate hour and day weekly. Music is a wonderful activity where students can sing their hearts out! Sammie K


At Bay Farm School we use alot

of muscial instuments. We also sing alot of songs. Some of the instruments we use are ukelele, recorder, kazoo, xylophone, and drums. Some songs we sing are "Good Time", "Life’s a Happy Song", "Count on Me", "Unwritten", and "Send it On". Before we do anything, we always do vocal warm-ups.



Music is once a week. I like music because  I really like to sing. We also are going to do a play called Dig-it this year. We are learning "Life is a Happy Song," and  "Good Time". We are also learning ukelele. If you like to sing, then come to Bay Farm. Natalie D


Music is a wonderful class where students can practice their singing with our magnificent teacher, Ms. Bonnie. In fourth and fifth grade, we got to use recorders! In sixth grade you can even join a ukelele club! Once a week we go to Music and it is always the highlight of my day. Music at Bay Farm School is really great and I always look forward to it. Alina S.

Music class is really fun. We get to sing all kinds of songs and play various musical instruments. Once these skills are mastered we get to perform on-stage. We also get to perform in plays. So we learn about music, theatrical acting and the process of putting everything together, all while having a blast. I highly recommend coming to Bay Farm and experiencing the peer support of a small school. Gabe M.







Music is a fun class. We sing, learn about music, and do face warm-ups. In January we performed a concert. We also had the audience sing along. We performed the concert at the Kofman Auditorium for our 20th birthday at Bay Farm.  Cameron C.






















I love music because in 6th grade you get to play the amazing Ukulele. We also do fascinating plays. Evelyn G-S

By Lukas S.      November 30, 2014 -- 03:07 PM
Music, taught by Mrs. Bonnie, is a fascinating subject where we learn to improve our voices, our ability to read music, and play the Ukulele.Mrs. Bonnie is very supportive and always tries her best to encourage you. She also gets help from Mrs. Barbie. Mrs. Barbie helps out with the Ukulele. There are also Ukulele and Glee club. These clubs are for the people who want to go beyond the average class time to improve their skills in playing the Uke or singing.

By Anna L.      November 21, 2014 -- 07:47 AM
Music at Bay Farm is such a fun learning experience because we get to lean how to play new instruments such as the ukulele and recorder. We also learn how to read music, and every year, the whole class contributes to a class play. What I like about the plays is that it can boost your confidence when you're in front of audiences, and we can perform with all of our friends. Personally, I think music is my favorite class.

By Sidney Ung      November 20, 2014 -- 08:51 PM
In middle school you get to learn how to play the ukulele. Even if you have no experience playing the ukulele Miss.Bonnie will teach you and you will get it right away if not you will get if soon. If you are really interested in playing the ukulele you can join the ukulele club or you want to be a more advanced ukulele player you can join the club. The club is very fun and you even get to perform sometimes and Mrs.Oducyen sometimes bring Hawaiian treats you all the people in ukulele club.

By Bella G      November 20, 2014 -- 08:43 PM
In music I learned how to play the kazoo,recorder, and ukulele that was/is awesome that I got to learn variety of instruments. Mrs.Bonnie is sweet and kind because she teaches us what we want to learn and we learn what she wanted to teach us. We are very skilled perfectionist music players.

By Justin W.      November 18, 2014 -- 07:17 AM
Music is a fun way to learn different songs, put on plays, and many more. Mrs. Bonnie is a great teacher who teaches us recorder, ukulele, and many more instruments. I like all the songs we have to sing in Music too!

By Waverley Achacoso      November 17, 2014 -- 08:36 PM
I love music because you get to do special things like playing the Ukulele. Ms. Barbie is a great Ukulele teacher alongside Ms. Bonnie.

By Zoe Spencer 6 grade       November 17, 2014 -- 06:05 PM
i like music class and Ms Bonnie because she helps in all possible ways ,and i think music is calming ,and it just makes people happy under the stress of being at school.

By Kaylee Kim      November 17, 2014 -- 05:41 PM
I love music because personally, I love acting. I would do plays outside of school and when I go to music class, it just brightens my day. I love to sing and I have been learning to play the ukulele which is super fun! Mrs.Bonnie is an amazing teacher and had taught me many tips that helps me when I am on stage.