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Multi-Purpose Room

What our 6th graders say:

The Multi Purpose Room (MPR) is where we eat, hold assemblies, hold music rehearsals, and do Motor Fitness. We eat in shifts and age groups so not all the students are all on the play yards at the same time. The assemblies include magic shows and talent shows, music, and plays. Music rehearsals are scheduled to prepare for the plays we perform in that same room. Motor fitness is for K-1 get to practice physical fitness including summer salts, coordination, balancing, and bouncing a ball from here to there. Our Multi-Purpose Room is one of the most used rooms in the whole school. Halie D.

The Multi Purpose Room is where we eat, watch assemblies, and perform plays and musicals. We are currently working to improve our lunches to make them better. We have a salad bar that is new this year. When we watch assemblies we have various people come to preform and talk to us about important things. Mrs. Bonnie is our music teacher who directs our plays and musicals. Kevin G.



Assemblies are one of my most favorite activities at school.  I like them because you can learn a lot from them, they are very entertaining, and most of all, they are full of laughs!  The great comedy is the best part about assemblies!  Assemblies consist of plays performed by adults with a special messages in them, musical performances done by teenagers playing instruments and singing, and musical plays performed by our own students for the applause and appreciation of good singing voices, laughter and joy!  If you join our school, you will surely enjoy our assemblies! Trevor S


Assemblies at Bay Farm are great! We have a number of people who come and perform for us every year. and almost every class in Bay Farm over 2nd grade gets to put on a play for the entire school to see. Thanks to Ms. Bonnie, we get to have these fun and awesome plays and entertainment to enjoy! Matthew D


Assemblies are really fun at our school. We use them for learning, announcements, and other educational purposes. The best assemblies are the ones that make you laugh! Sometimes they call for volunteers to help them do a great trick. Sometimes our music teacher helps direct plays that students perform for us. They sing and dance and do so much more. These assemblies are one of the best parts of our school. Ryan O

I love school assemblies! We get to learn while watching something fun! I also like the people who do them because they are really nice. I loved the assembly where people had puppets and showed that wasting water is a bad thing. They had a giant puppet at the end who was Mother Earth. Assemblies at Bay Farm have taught me a lot of important conecpts. MorganD






Lunches are periods where students eat lunch and socialize. Students can either bring their own lunch or buy a hot or cold lunch from the school cafeteria. Sometimes, we eat an outdoor lunch in the quad when the weather is nice! After lunch, we all walk back to class. Bryan C.


Lunch is my favorite time of the day. We have 3 lunch schedules at Bay Farm. The schedule is: first, K-2 eats from 11:45 to 12:05 in the multipurpose room, while grades 3-5 play. Then they switch: K-2 play from 12:05 to 12:30, and grades 3-5 eat. At 12:05, the 6th graders will come out and play till 12:30. By then, the K-5 have had lunch and recess. Next, the 6th graders eat from 12:30 to 12:45. Then lunch is over and everyone is back in class. Andrew D