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Main Office



The office is located by the front of the school. This is where our office manager and health clerk work. The principal’s office is located here, and it’s where teachers and students drop off papers to be turned in. This is also where you can sign out your child early for important reasons. Halie D



The office is an important part of the school. The office is where you first go if you are late, or getting pulled out of school early to be checked in or checked out. Volunteers sign in at the Office. 

This is also the building where our Principal’s office is located. If you in any way are sent to the office by your teacher, the Principal’s Office is where you report to. We also have a work room in the office building. The Staff Room is also located in the office. The staff room is where all of the teachers go to relax and chat with the other teachers. You can see the Nurse’s office right as you walk in the door of the Office. If you ever get hurt, that’s where you go to receive medical help. Our office is a very important part of the school. Rowan E.

The Main Office is a multi-purpose room. Students come in to bring tardy slips or attendance slips from the teachers. When kids get hurt, they go to the Nurse’s Office to take care of their little boo boo. Parents come in to get permission to pick up their children from the Office. The teachers are very kind and caring. Teachers come into the Main Office to get extra paper, make copies, or get anything else they need from the Work Room and Supplies. Our secretary answers phone calls in the Office. The Main Office is a place that makes each day so much easier. Sammie K.