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Physical Education


The Physical Education program at Bay Farm School is a dynamic learning experience for all students! The emphasis of student learning in grades first and second is gross motor skills in a personal space setting. Students learn to manipulate objects with the hands and feet, learn basic locomotor skills, and are introduced to proper nutrition and diet and the effects of these on performance as it relates to exercise.

          Second and third graders reinforce the skills learned in grades first and second but now do them in a general space setting. Students learn to maneuver objects while other students are also engaged in the same activity in the same area. This leads to learning in fourth and fifth grade where students begin to learn and participate in team sports such as football, lacrosse, paddle tennis, and soccer.

          Sixth and seventh graders play and participate in team sports with the focus on skill mastery and game strategy. Students are also introduced to special areas of fitness such as self-defense and basic karate with the goal developing life- long physical activity!

What our middle schoolers say:

PE is a class where students can exercise and have fun at the same time. Some of the activities kids do include football, volleyball, and hockey. Our teacher, Mr. Slez, keeps everything exciting and safe. Mr. Slez also sets up a PE “test” called Fitness Challenge. Students have to run about a mile, do pushups, do curl ups, and the elephant lift. PE is an educational subject that students look forward to! Sammie K


P.E. is my favorite time of the week. We play all kinds of sports, from hockey and dodgeball to soccer and football. We have so much fun. We also have a great coach, Mr.Slez. He makes everything fun. I think everyone likes rainy-day P.E because we get to play dodgeball! Jack A


Physical education is a wonderful necessity for our growing middle school environment. Our P.E teacher, Mr. Slez, teaches us the basics of many different kinds of sports, such as soccer, baseball, football, hockey, dodgeball, and much more! Students in this P.E class will learn many types of sports and have a great experience at the same time! Once in while, it’s nice to get away from other school subjects and just play a sport with your friends! Our Physical Education class is one of the many elements of Bay Farm that make the experience at this school sensational! Bryan C.


PE is a way to exercise in a fun environment. All of the kids get to do a large variety of sports, including volleyball, soccer, football, basketball, and much more that would take up this whole page! Mr. Slez, our PE teacher, makes all the activities enjoyable, even the ones you may not like. Before you do the sportst, the class usually starts out with stretching and a short run. I always look forward to having PE, it’s one of my favorite subjects in school! Isabelle T.


P.E. is so much fun! Mr. Slez is really nice. He teaches us a different sport every month. I love the soccer session! We got to play games against each other. Number football is fun too. We got to run after the football trying to get before the other person. Mr. Slez got me to actually like football. I can’t wait for my next P.E. hour! MorganD


PE is really fun because there are so many sports that we play. We play basketball, flag football, hockey and more! My favorite right now is basketball and i never used to like it at all! On rainy days when we can’t play outside we play dodgeball! Zachary K.


Mr. Slez is our P.E. teacher.  He is so full of energy.  He makes things seem fun, and if you live nearby, you may even see him running.  He sets up a fitness challenge at the end of the year where we have to run a mile, do 12 push ups, 30 curl ups, a 12” trunk lift, and a sit and reach.  He is great at exercising us without over-working us.  He also makes P.E. seem fun, without being too easy.  Mr. Slez is just so much fun to be around.  ~Sydney C.



One of the best activities to do at Bay Farm is P.E; this class is fun and provides a great workout for all the students. Usually you get P.E. twice a week as a sixth grader. Some of the fun things you get to do in P.E are hockey, basketball, tennis, football, running, and baseball. I would name the rest, but it would take up half the page.  Our P.E teacher is Mr. Slez and he is the best and funniest teacher you can have. Max C


Physical Education-or PE- helps us be better athletes in almost any sport. Every couple of weeks, we work on a sport such as badminton, basketball, soccer, and tennis. Mr. Slez, our PE teacher makes PE not a chore, but a fun class. We stretch in the beginning of PE to get our muscles warmed up to be ready for the activity of the day. After PE, we head back to class to get a full day of learning. Rowan E


Physical education at Bay Farm is fun! You get to learn how to play sports such as hockey, lacrosse, basketball, and more from Mr. Slez, our P.E. teacher. Before we start playing, we do warm-ups first! We stretch our arms and legs before playing the sport. During our warm-ups we also do push-ups and sit-ups. We don’t have to wear P.E. uniforms here at Bay Farm, unlike other schools.The P.E. here is fantastic! - Jasmine T.


Physical Education is a great part of our everyday lives. Our school is very lucky thanks to our P.E. teacher. We are allowed to do all sorts of sports. We play badminton, hockey, basketball, football, dodgeball and lots of other sports. Every year we also complete the Physical Fitness Test. Our school must run a mile (at a certain time), do pushups and curlups (you must do a certain amount), the Trunk Lift, and the Reach and Stretch. Bay Farm Schooll is also one of the best schools when it comes to physical education. Ryan O.

PE is very fun with our PE coach Mr. Slez. He teaches us all kinds of different sports. But before we start each game, we stretch our muscles and get warmed up for whatever sport we play. Some of the games we play are soccer, flag football, badminton, basketball, tennis and much more. Playing all of these sports helps us stay in physical shape and become better athletes. Joey B.

In 6th grade, you get to have an extra hour of PE. But, instead of regular PE, you have 3 different choices for the extra hour. The first trimester, our choices were cup stacking with Mrs. Oducayen, aerobics with Mrs. Reynolds, or volleyball with Mr. Slez. You just fill out a ballet numbering 1-3 with your preference. This trimester, we have cup stacking with Mrs. Oducayen again, cycling with Mrs. Reynolds, and basketball with Mr. Slez. I think this is a more fun way to do PE than just doing regular PE with Mr. Slez.

Matthew H.


Bay Farm has a better physical education program than any school I’ve ever been at. Our teacher is great and really fun.  Even if I don’t like the sport we’re playing he still makes it exciting.  Lyndon H.


We go to P.E every week. We have an awesome P.E teacher who teaches us how to stay active. We play sports such as hockey, soccer, kickball, stickball and many more. We do stretches and running to warm up and get ready for the sport we are going to play. We always have fun at P.E. Peter B.

P.E. is really fun with Mr. Slez your PE teacher. You learn techniques in the game, proper way to play a game, and the rules to the game.  You get to play games like stick ball, basketball, hockey, football, volley ball, badminton, lacrosse and many more fun sports.  Don’t forget that Mr. Slez will make sure you’re ready for the physical fitness test in March.  You will have lots of fun in P.E. when Mr. Slez is your P.E. teacher. Joey B


P.E. is very fun,educational, and gives you a good workout at the same time thanks to our coach, Mr.Slez. He can make any sport fun such as: hockey,stick ball,volleyball,soccer,lacrosse and many more. Jack A.



By Hagos W.      February 6, 2014 -- 11:16 PM

PE Electives:In 6th Grade you will have an activity called PE Electives and you have 3 choices that you get to pick, but sometimes you wonít get your first pick or you will. The three choices you get is speed stacking, what ever Mrs. Reynolds is doing, and PE with Mr. Slez. PE Electives are always Friday last hour and I really enjoy it.

By Adrian Li      February 5, 2014 -- 06:58 PM

I actually look forward to PE every week! To me PE is one of the highlights of my day. During PE we get to play different sports that are split up into units. Those units will last us until the last day of school. My favorite sport to play during PE is dodgeball even though we mostly play it on rainy days. What makes being in 6th better is that we basically have another day of PE called PE Electives. Itís different because you have to stick to that certain unit you chose for an entire trimester. PE is an awesome thing to have in school!