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What our middle school students have to say about Technology at Bay Farm:


     When I think middle school, I think heavy textbooks and bulging backpacks. At Bay Farm I think technology and fun. At Bay Farm each 6th and 7th grader is assigned either a Netbook or Chromebook. This computer becomes the middle schooler’s responsibility for the rest of the year. With this computer, we have the privilege to make many advancements in our education.

     In math, Ms. Hirsch has introduced us to an outstanding website called Study Island where we can go to study for upcoming tests or just to learn. Also, we can type up papers for English and do fast research for history. Not only do the computers make advancements in our learning, but they teach us!

     On Rosetta Stone.com we are taught a language of our choice by the computer, at our own pace. We truly enjoy these computers and the privileges it provides for us. Tomas Dumont  



At our school we have advanced technology, using it for educational purposes. We use iPads, net books, computers, and SmartBoards. We use learning tools and educational sites to help us learn. We are working on a plan to to bring our own devices...BYOD. Halie D



My favorite aspect of the seventh grade here at Bay Farm Elementary is the use of technology. At this school, the seventh graders have the opportunity to use technology during class. We use items such as chromebooks and iPads to complete assignments such as homework. We also use these items to create videos, documents, and more. I believe that we are quite lucky to have so much technology surround us for great use at this wonderful school. - Ethan M.


At Bay Farm School we use iPads and net books in the Media Center.

We use a lot of technology here. We go on websites like Edmodo, DigitWhiz, and Tagxedo.com. We get assignments on Edmodo that are really fun and that will help students study for tests. On DigitWhiz we learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide integers. On Tagxedo we can create word art. Malia C


 During my years at Bay Farm School, we have always had outstanding technology. Not too long ago, we purchased iPads to use in many classes, including the Media Center. All 6th graders each have their own netbooks, and each 7th grader has their own Chromebook. This year, we have added a language program to run during the school day, in which students in the middle school area can learn languages such as Spanish and French. We also have wireless connection across the whole campus, and SmartBoards in our classrooms. Our Media Center teacher, Mrs. Clement, teaches all the grades how to use this up-to-date technology. Talia Grumet


Bay Farm is one of the leading schools in Alameda that uses technology! Ms. Clement, in the Media Center, implements alot of the technology in our school. The 4th and 5th grade pod has a computer lab! And in 6th grade every student gets a Netbook to use during school! In the Media Center we get to use one to one iPads for each class visit and all grades! We have Smart Boards in most of our classrooms now. Technology is a big part of Bay Farm! Matthew D


Here at Bay Farm, We have many opportunities for working with new technology. In the Media Center, we use our Chromebooks, netbooks, and iPads to do research for different assignments, while learning how to use different pieces of technology. We also have pieces of technology in our classrooms to use in class, and the teachers trust us to use them the correct way, which is also teaching us responsibility. The technology at Bay Farm has made my year extraordinary. - Rowan Esquer



In the 6th grade we get to use awesome technology! We have our own personal net books and we get to use 1:1 ipads in Media Center! We use our net books to go on Edmodo, Digit Whiz, and many search programs to locate reference  materials for our projects we are working on. During Media Center we use our ipads for something called "Pass the iPad". What we do is share ideas together and type what we think that can improve Bay Farm even more! I can say that having technology in class is fun! Jackie M.

My favorite part of Bay Farm is the advanced technology. We have Ipads, netbooks, chromebooks, and smartboards. We are one of the first to use technology to help us learn. When we have an assignment, we could just start it on our chromebooks as a document. Another thing we can learn on our devices is a new language. You can just log in to Rosetta Stone and start the basics of whatever language you want to take. Bay Farn is very fortunate to have advanced technology as a resource to help us learn. Bryan C.


In seventh grade for technology, we use our Chrome Books for educational reasons such as reports, research, and Media Center homework. A few weeks ago there was an hour of code week that was to make lines of code. Technology is a big part of the twenty first century and we at Bay Farm have the opportunity to use it. Azameet G


Technology is a great advancement Bay Farm has. It helps speed lessons along and teaches students impportant  skills. The younger children here at Bay Farm get chances in the Media Center to use technology, and then in older grades get to bring it back to the classroom. In 7th grade we just started Rosetta Stone, which teaches us a foreign language, and its really helpful! I know the younger grades have fun math websites and games they are able to practice on with their friends. Technology here at Bay Farm is valued and the teachers enhance our lessons with having us research on our devices, or play educational games. Anais Lowe



At Bay Farm Elementary, we are very advanced in technology, thanks to our amazing teacher, Mrs. Clement. We use iPads, computers, Netbooks, and pretty soon all of the classrooms will have their own Smart Board. The 6th graders are privileged to have their own wireless Netbooks, and the younger kids get to use one to one iPads during Media Center. We are all very fortunate to be able to have all this technology at our school. Isabelle T.

Technology at Bay Farm is better than ever before! In the Media Center, we have iPads and Netbooks that we are  use for different projects. Also, in 6th grade we get one to one Netbooks that we can use throughout the school campus since we are wireless. Some uses for our Netbooks are Edmodo, DigitWhiz, and for looking up facts for homework purposes. Edmodo is a site that teachers can assign homework assignments on and DigitWhiz is a site where we practice our math skills. If you’re considering coming to Bay Farm, there is no doubt in my mind that you will love it here with our technology! Sydney C.

At Bay Farm the technology is very advanced.  Once you reach 6th grade and 7th grade you are given your own piece of technology.  6th graders are given netbooks, and 7th graders are given ChromeBooks.  Everybody uses ChromeBooks and iPads in the Media Center.  You  will learn how to use the technology you are given and you will learn tricks and short cuts too. Joey B


At Bay Farm School, our technology is very advanced. We have iPads, Netbooks, and Smart Boards. I think these modern devices help us learn because on the Netbooks, 6th graders have assignments to do for homework that are very educational. Hannah C

Technology helps our school learn in different ways. We use technology to research project information at school. We use numerous learning websites on the internet to be better in our subjects. We also have filters that keep us safe so we don’t go on inappropriate websites. We use technology to create presentations. Technology helps me learn. Morgan D.


Here at Bay Farm, they give us a big responsibility by giving us permission to use iPads, netbooks, chromebooks, and more. Our school gets access to things most schools don’t  and it really helps us learn more about the world. Jack A.

Our wireless technology (our netbooks) is a really fun and cool way to help us learn in 6th grade.  For example, Edmodo teaches us a lot of interesting information about how to behave properly on a social website while completing online assignments like Social Studies etc.  Plus, having wireless internet access right at our fingertips is really useful since the internet is the #1 source of information in the world!  So, if you are a student who loves learning, likes technology, and seeks more and more knowledge, then come join our school! Trevor S

Here at Bay Farm School, we have a lot of advanced technology, such as ipads, Netbooks, and Smart Boards that help us with our learning. We use websites such as Edmodo and DigitWhiz and other educational websites that help us with math and other subjects. I think using technology at school makes learning easier and much more fun.

Bryan C.

At Bay Farm School, we have the latest and cutting-edge technology. We have iPads, Netbooks, and Smart Boards in our classrooms to support our learning. Mrs. Clement is our Media Center teacher who teaches all grades about the technology at our school. We even have wireless access across our school. New technology will help all kids at Bay Farm learn more in our modern world. Megan Y.


When I think about great features of our school’s technology there are the one to one Chromebooks and the Smartboards. We get to do lots of research on our Chromebooks and the Smartboard is a great addition to our classroom. Jackie M.

A Revolutionary Change In Learning
The new technology at Bay Farm School is just astounding! Our new technology changes the way kids learn and teachers teach. In Media Center, we have 1-1 iPads and we use them very effectively. Also, we have 1-1 netbooks in classrooms and new “SmartBoards” that help the teachers share and sample assignments we do on the netbooks. Finally, we use "Google Apps" issued to us by AUSD to really improve our learning. So, that’s why technology at Bay Farm School are spectacular. Luke W.


By Derek D.6      November 20, 2014 -- 09:59 PM
I just love that you can bring your own device in the BYOD program because you can bring your own device which seems so cool! Also, technology is very cool and fun because you can play games, you can do coding, and more.📱💻

By Landon G.6      November 20, 2014 -- 06:29 PM
I think technology is awesome because you get to do all things online like edmodo and B.Y.O.D.

By Irvin N. 6th grade Mrs. Reynolds      November 19, 2014 -- 06:43 PM
Technology at Bay Farm School is awesome! We here at Bay Farm have a lot of advanced technology like iPad, net-books, Chromebooks, Smart boards which helps teachers to share assignments in every classroom, and lots of different awesome devices. This year we got get to use Google Apps for Education to make learning with technology fun. So this is why Technology at Bay Farm School is super cool!

By Oliver Cantal 6th      November 19, 2014 -- 02:58 PM
I absolutely love Media Center!! The reason why is because I just love using technology because it's so fun!! It's kinda of like learning on a computer WHICH IS SO FUN instead of doing stuff handwritten!!!! I especially like the way theres a 6th, 7th, and 8th grade section for books and all I saw in that category were all the fiction books that I've been dying to read when I was in 5th grade. Anyways, I am one of those noobs at Bay Farm and so far I LOVE IT HERE! Especially, Media Center! Well, keep up the good work Ms. Clement! Don't change a single thing!

By Anna L.      November 19, 2014 -- 02:45 PM

What I love about technology at Bay Farm School, is that we have a new program called BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). Students can bring devices from home, buy Chromebooks from the school, or have the school assign students to net books. Every Monday, Mrs. Clement teaches the 6th graders how to use your devices. In Mrs. Oducayen’s class, we’re using a program to code on a website called Scratch, and we are learning how to use Google Apps. So far I’m having so much fun on my device and can’t wait to learn more!

By AnshitaL      November 19, 2014 -- 02:27 PM
Technology at Bay Farm is stupendous. in middle school you get to BYOD (bring your own device) it's a program that most schools don't do but Bay Farm does because it's so cool. We also get to learn awesome things on Google, it's all so fun I can't believe its a school subject!

By Albert L.6      November 17, 2014 -- 02:52 PM
1. I like how that they give a lot of detail what we are doing for technology at Bay farm.
2. They make a ~4 minute video about Technology at Bay Farm
3. They show what students said about Bay Farm such as why he/she loves the BYOD program.
4. We have 1:1 netbooks and iPads. We also have a smartboard in every classroom, and in my old school, Henry Haight, we only have 1 in the media center