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What our middle school students have to say about the program:

Peacemakers is a mediation program for solving conflicts on the schoolyard. It began last year, and lets everyone in the conflict speak, so nobody has to go to a teacher. Conflicts on the schoolyard have decreased dramatically. PeaceMakers are elected by peers from grades 4 to 6 to serve our students on the yard at recess. After being elected, the peacemaker-elects get full day traing with someone from Soul Shoppe, the company that sponsors PeaceMakers. The teacher who helps our program is 6th grade teacher, Mrs. Reynolds. Michael W.

Are you are having a conflict? That’s what Peacemakers are for. They will walk you and the person you are having a conflict with down the peace path lined with what to say in order to make up. No need to fear because Peacemakers are trained to be kind and to help you solve any problem. Peacemakers are not policemen, so they won’t come looking for trouble. You can depend on Peacemakers because they are also students  and just want to help you. Tomas D 


Peacemakers is a very good program that helps to make our campus more peaceful. This program is run by Mrs. Reynolds, a 6th grade teacher. The Peacemakers go on duty to all the different yards. While they are on the yards they watch out for disagreements. When they  find disagreements they will do a couple of different things; one is to try to have the students talk it out. If that does not work they will bring them to the PeacePath which helps people talk out their problems step by step. Joey B.


Peacemakers is a program we have at Bay Farm to make things a little more peaceful on campus. PeaceMakers help us solve our problems at recess, but they also get to play with students on the yard too.. At the beginning of the year students elect the students we would like to serve as our PeaceMakers. Then they go through training to help other students make peace to any argument. Jack A


When the PeaceMakers are on the yard, we always have a good time! PeaceMakers make sure nobody gets into fights on the yard and help solve arguments when they happen by talking things out on the PeacePath. If you’re beginning to get into an argument you don’t know how to solve, find a PeaceMaker and they’ll help you! Talia G.

At Bay Farm we don’t have many arguments because we have PeaceMakers! Our PeaceMakers are students from grades 4-6 who have been nominated to help make peace. These students are trained to help break up arguments and make peace. Katie G

PeaceMakers is a learning program we do at Bay Farm School. Students are chosen to get trained on how to deal with arguments or problems on the play yard. They play like all the other kids, but keep an eye out for students having disagreements. If the the problem is a big one they use the Peace Path. When the problem is small they can use the Peace Cards. This program keeps our school fun and bully free! Katie H

At Bay Farm, we have a program called PeaceMakers. A PeaceMaker’s job is to solve arguments that occur on the playground before they become fights. Sometimes the PeaceMaker and the people who are fighting go through a process called the "Peace Walk". Our school’s PeaceMakers do a good job of making our school a better place.

Bryan C.