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Morning Ceremony


 What our middle school students have to say about our daily Morning Ceremony and Middle School Morning Muster:              



The "Quad" is where we gather to do Morning Ceremonies each morning. During Morning Ceremonies, we say the Pledge of Allegiance with student volunteers from rotating classes that are scheduled to lead us. After the Pledge comes the fun part: The principal gets out some fun pencils and birthday cards and announces the birthdays! After all the birthdays are done, people stand behind the principal and announce school wide notices and activities. After that, the students from each class are dismissed and they walk to class to have a fun-filled day of learning! Rowan E




Every day we go to school, all of us (K-6) go to the Morning Ceremony “quad”. This is where we hear announcements, birthdays, and other speeches. This usually lasts from 8:20 to 8:30. My favorite announcement is when they have “Book Giveaway” during our Book Fairs! It’s when you sign up during Media Center and can then possibly win a free book from the Book Fair announced at Morning Ceremony! Finally, we go off to our classrooms.

Andrew D


Morning Ceremonies happens every morning. We line up by class and say the Pledge of Allegiance. The principal announces birthdays where you come up and get a card and a pencil. Once in a while there are announcements for donations and events happening in the future. Then everyone is off to another day of having fun and learning.


Ryan O.



The Morning Wave....and the Splash!


Morning Ceremony is when all the students and teachers gather together for announcements at the beginning of each school day.

Ms. Freitas announces the birthdays of the students too! Announcements usually include requests for donations, or announcements of activities that we could do to make school a better place. Bryan C.



Morning Ceremony is where we say the Pledge of Allegiance and announce birthdays. We also report any upcoming activities or important news. If you are in K-5, you go to Bay Farm’s main area and stand under a covered walkway. The walkway is encircled and at the head, is where Ms. Freitas stands with the flag pole. Every day, along with Ms. Freitas, a group of students go up and lead the pledge. If you are in 6-7 (eventually 8th), you stand by the flag at Tillman. The middle school teachers lead the Pledge while standing on a hill and looking at the flag pole. Every day, except for Friday, we do the pledge by the hill , and on Fridays we return to the regular pledge with K-5. Lizzie C.


...about Morning Muster for Middle School Students...


 I think the 6th and 7th graders ceremony is really cool. It is considered morning muster instead of morning ceremony. I believe all of us feel more grown with a different pledge of allegiance. During morning muster we say who has a birthday that day, pledge of allegiance, then a fact or two giving us information we didn’t know. Like how bananas are half our DNA. I think Bay Farm school is really succeeding and is going to be a "big thing" through the years. Suzy Floersch

Morning Muster is the 6th and 7th grade version of morning ceremonies. It’s just the 6th and 7th graders who meet at Tilman Park every morning but Fridays to say the Pledge and announce events only within 6th and 7th grade. It’s shorter because you don’t have to listen to other grade announcements and you only have to listen to middle school announcements and birthdays. You also get fun facts! ;) Emily L.


Morning Muster is where we hear the announcements.  We also hear fun facts and birthdays.  Soon the ceremonies will be led by the students. Gabe Manibusan


Everyday we have Morning Muster. It is just like Moring Ceremonies but for middle school. Our four fabulous teachers from 6th and 7th grade lead it. They give us facts to ponder our minds throughout the the day. We also get recognized for our birthdays. Morning Muster is what we needed for middle school. - Peter B.

Morning MusterThe New Middle School Morning Meeting Morning Muster is a fun little perk that 6-7th graders get to make the Middle School Branch of Bay Farm seem more middle school-ish. It occurs at the same time as Morning Ceremonies, but it happens at a different place, a small clearing near Tillman Park. It is conveniently near all the 6th and 7th grade classrooms, and right next to the bike parking. It starts with the Pledge Of Allegiance, and then we clap for birthday’s and guess at the day’s “Fun Question.” Morning Muster is a great addition to the already spectacular Bay Farm Middle School Branch. Luke W.


Now, since we are also a middle school now, we have our own Morning Ceremonies every Monday-Thursday, called Morning Muster. I simply love it! We get our own news, do the pledge as a middle school, and share wacky facts. Jackie M.


In December of 2013 Bay Farm’s sixth and seventh graders had a new Morning Ceremonies that we call Morning Muster. The teachers lead it for now and tell us facts but in the future there will be students leading the Morning Muster every morning. Morning Muster is another way we show how responsible we are. Azameet G



When you are in the middle school grades, the first thing you attend in the morning is the Morning Muster. This is where the middle school students and teachers collaborate before they start working in class. First, we perform the Pledge of Allegiance; Then, the teachers announce any birthdays and announcements. Lastly, the teachers tell the students a wacky fact and all of us head to our classroom. This is an excellent way I like to start my day at Bay Farm! - Ethan M.