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Library in a Box

For Library in a Box, students collect books, decorate boxes, and write short letters to send to other schools that had terrible natural disasters. We collect books by asking students during Bay Farm Morning Ceremonies to donate nearly new and good conditioned books. Our teacher librarian, Ms. Clement, organizes us into groups of three, four, or five which varies on how many students are in the class.

Our library never stops collecting books, and we choose the books we want to send that are stored for our project. We decorate the boxes by gluing phrases and messages. For example, we remind them to keep on reading by saying,” Happy Reading” and “With Love from Bay Farm.” When we finish gluing, the groups write letters and Ms. Clement takes pictures of the groups together. Later on, we need to send the boxes, so we ask families to adopt a box and send a box to our project destination. Since we have about 500 students at Bay Farm in groups of four-five only about 100 families are needed to send one or more boxes.

Library in a Box is one of my many favorite things to do in Media Center because making boxes and writing letters while knowing you are helping other kids your age is a terrific feeling, since you don’t get to do something like this everyday!
Ashley Chu


Library in a Box helps students all over the world who’ve been through natural disasters get their books that were damaged replaced from us. Students from our school donate books to the project. After we have enough books, we decorate boxes and send the books to the school who needs them.



Library in a box is a wonderful program! We collect new or gently used books to put in decorated boxes to send off to schools that aren’t as fortunate as us. In these boxes, we not only send books, but our love to read! Sydney C

When there is a disaster anywhere in the world, we start something called Library in a Box. Library in a Box is an activity in which almost everybody participates. First, we collect new or gently used books and store them for safe keeping. Next, we collect shoeboxes to put the donated books in. Then, we get to the fun part which is decorating the box with pieces of paper to cover up the logos on the box and put fun quotes on the boxes like "Reading is like an adventure!" Finally, we get some parent volunteers to take the boxes to be shipped to where the disaster happened and hope the books we send make kids out there happy. Rowan E


Library in a Box is a program in which students bring gently used or new books and pack them in a box which will be shipped off to places in need of books. In the year 2012-2013 we are going to send them to New York and New Jersey, boxes full of books and dots from International Dot Day. On the dots, we put letters about the joy of reading. Lizzie C


Library in a Box is where students donate new or gently used books to the school tosend them to other schools that aren’t as fortunate as us.  The boxes that we send the books in are also donated by students.  We decorate the boxes with colorful paper, pictures, and encouraging words.  It feels really good to help out other schools so they read more books and have a better education.  This is just one way that students at Bay Farm School help people.  Hannah C.



Library in a box is a program the school has to help others. We find a place where a disaster struck and we donate books to them.  Its our way to to be charitable. Gabe Manibusan

By Justin W.      November 18, 2014 -- 08:58 PM
Library in a box is an awesome way of donating books to places like New Jersey and New York. When we do Library in a Box we bring gently used books and put them in boxes which we decorate and send them to places that have been disaster struck. It is a great feeling to give books to kids that are not as privlidged as we are.

By Alyssa K.       February 2, 2014 -- 10:59 PM
In the Media Center at Bay Farm School, we would collect lots of gently used books in decorated boxes to schools in need, which is a program called Library in a Box. In front of the Media Center, there would be a place for students to donate books for the schools. During Morning Ceremonies, Mrs. Clement would make announcements about a book drive to schools who lost their libraries from disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes. When we’re putting the books into the decorated boxes, we have to sort the books by grade level, series, and subject, then we ship the books.