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Going Green

In 2009, Bay Farm School agreed to be part of a project called The Alameda Green Schools Challenge. Since then, we have become a school that has a focus on learning to take care of our environment and reducing the amount of trash we send to the landfill. These changes are a team effort and the students at Bay Farm are help make it happen. Every day at our school, students help monitor trash at lunch and in the classroom to make sure we are recycling and composting as much as possible. Students are in charge of classroom recycling. Since we started No Waste Lunch days, more and more students and teachers bring their lunch, snacks and drinks in reusable containers. We even have a club for grades 3-5 where we learn more about making positive changes that protect our planet called The Tree Musketeers. We are proud of how we are making a difference and showing our community how you can save the world one school at a time!


Here’s what our middle school students  have to say:


The "Go Green" program at Bay Farm is amazing! We have produced a lot less trash in the past few years than ever before. On "No Waste Lunch Day", the whole school only produces about one shopping bag full of trash. Look at the difference our school can make!

Sydney C.


Through the Going Green Program, we all try to bring the least amount of gray bin trash as possible. During many of our lunches throughout the year, our school only fills one trash can a day! This program is run by the wonderful Mrs. Kuttner, a very enthusiastic 1st grade teacher. Our school can make a difference! Talia G

The "Go Green Campaign" is where we are one of a few schools that not only has a gray bin but a blue, green, and orange bin. One particular day, which is called "No Waste Lunch Day" we only produce about 1 shopping bag of garbage! The "Go Green Campaign" has made such a difference at Bay Farm School! Lizzie C.


The Going Green Program is life-changing! We try to have the smallest amount of trash in our grey bin. We all pack reusable containers and water bottles-- no plastic! This program started from an excellent 1st grade teacher, Ms. Kuttner. She teaches every student, K-7, about which trash goes where.  Slowly, this will help make our world a better place! Each student even takes compost from the grey bin to the green bin. Even that much of help, could help the world entirely! This program, Going Green, is a great addition to our school! Sammie K.


The Go Green program at our school is really amazing. Over the time that we’ve been doing this, we have reduced our garbage per day to only one bin! This program will slowly make our world a better place. You should join the learning and conservation fun!


The “Go Green” program at Bay Farm School has definitely helped to benefit our world. Mrs. Kuttner created the Tree Musketeers, and No Waste Lunch. Small changes lead to drastic changes  Such as one bag of trash every day, or going to events like LEAF, empowering students to take charge and manage the garbage we have carelessly left, damaging plants and innocent animals, not to mention polluting the environment. We can make a change! Ellerbe W.


By Maxwell L.      November 30, 2014 -- 07:01 PM
I have to say the go green program has dramatically changed the waste that the school produces. I'm sure that when you help put away trash you think of the world differently. For example the lunch that I bring has all reusable containers like plastic bowls and boxes. The go green project has also made the yard cleaner during lunch time. the garden is using compost soil for soil now. i hope the go green project will keep the yard clean and fresh.

By Anna L.      November 21, 2014 -- 07:55 AM
I think the Going Green program helps us learn how to sort our garbage at a young age, so it will prepare us for the future. We have been trying our best to not leave food and garbage sitting around, and I think we're doing a really great job. There have been clubs that have been created in the middle and elementary school called the Tree Musketeers and the Environmental Club. Overall, the Going Green program is doing great.

By Justin W.      November 18, 2014 -- 09:05 PM
Go Green at Bay Farm is a great way to help the world. We do things like encouraging people to bring a lunch that has "no waste" in it, Roll to school, and much more. These changes might lead to big things someday.

By Anais C. Lowe      February 7, 2014 -- 09:59 AM
We as Bayfarm students, are taught to be green friendly. During lunch we are careful about where to put our trash. Unlike many schools we have an outdoor learning center and many classes go outside to learn in our gardens. I love walking around and seeing almost no trash abandoned from previous lunches and or snacks. Students learn to value the world around them and are truly thankful for the earth. By having this go green program at our school it helps students realize the importance of being healthy, and keeping our earth healthy, and the students go on to become aware of our surroundings . The go green program has been set up completely by teachers, students, parents, and our wonderful principal all from Bayfarm. Bayfarm students can help their neighborhood, Alameda, and overall the world to be a much better place to live in for future generations.