Jumping into Technology Integration
Not sure where to go for the tech help? You are in the right place.

  • Purpose: This site has been constructed with the educator’s needs in mind.


  • Audience: This site can be helpful for many educators. However it is designed specifically for the teachers of Oberoi International School. It will be used to support new and established teachers.


  • Need: We are in a rapidly growing school. With the number of the students, the number technology tools to help students learning are increasing. We are expected to make the most of the tools that are provided to us. Some of you are comfortable with many tools, but many of you are feeling uncomfortable and pressured. It’s not always easy to find the time to consult technicians or the tech. integration specialists.


  • Objectives: This website will provide basic technology integration tips for the International School classroom such as...

1. How to use Google Docs 

2. How to make a blog

3. How to insert the video on your blog while meeting the school’s requirements