Mobilize Your Life
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Do You Need to Mobilize Your Life?


  • Having a hard time staying organized?
  • Missing important appointments?
  • Forgetting to do things that cause serious consequences?
  • Getting in trouble at work for your lack of organization?
  • Spending too much time looking for important documents?
  • Not being able to find important notes that you scribbled on the back of an envelope?


This unit is designed to teach you how to organize your life on-the-go.


What you will need to complete this unit:

  • You will need a "hot" (always connected to the Internet) mobile device (smartphone or tablet);
  • The device must be something that you will keep with you AT ALL TIMES;
  • You must have a data plan from a mobile phone carrier for the device;
  • You will need at least 16gb of memory (32 or 64 is better);
  • You must gather all the documents you have on paper that you want to go paperless; and
  • Access to a scanner that can turn documents into a PDF.



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