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Hello everyone, My name is Patrick Sullivan.  I am currently a Technology Coordinator  for a large middle school in Brooklyn, New York.  I was a sixth grade math teacher for 6 years before being asked to manage our technology program.  I am very happy in my current position but I do occasionally miss teaching and the classroom.


I am always eager to learn new technology concepts.  I have a decent amount of web design experience.  I maintain around 450 computers in my current position so I have become fairly efficient in managing technology.   I also manage our public school website along with our school’s intranet. Most of my experience has been with the upkeep and coordination of technology. 


Recently I started learning Java and Android development outside my current job responsibilities.  So far, I have learned to have much more respect for what developers do. 

I consider myself a very tech savvy person.  However, I would like to start helping my staff implement and utilize technology more in their classrooms.  My goal over the next few years is to increase the amount technology being integrated into their normal projects.