Greek Gods, Goddesses, and Odysseus - Oh My!

Here is a mini-script for a 10-minute presentation of Project in Universal Builder of My eCoach

  1. Overview of Project – this project is intended to be an introduction to Greek mythology, and to Homer’s epic The Odyssey.  The ultimate goal is to provide students to a comprehensive, yet fun and engaging, introduction to the major players in the Odyssey.  Because the Odyssey follows the Iliad, and my student’s would not be familiar with that text, it is important to highlight the causes of the Trojan War.  After the students have this basic understanding of the cultural, and historical foundation, reading and understanding the Odyssey will be so much easier
  1. Audience – 9th Grade English Language Arts students
  2. Purpose – to provide students with the appropriate background knowledge to make reading Homer’s epic easier.
  3. Discussion:
  • The template used was selected because it looked like the sky, and that’s were Zeus and the gods of the Pantheon live (atop Mt. Olympus).
  • The pages are categorized by group. 
  1. First I have “Greek Mythology” which discusses mythology, and the Pantheon.  The reason this section is here is because the students will be required to create a PowerPoint presentation on a god of their choice and this section will aid them in their selection.
  2. Next I have The Odyssey section.  This is here so the students can familiarize themselves with the history of the Trojan War, the major characters in The Odyssey, and the journey Odysseus took on his way home from Troy.  Additionally this section is here because later in the assignments page, the students are required to complete a “Helps or Hurts” chart, and create a map of Odysseus’ journey home, and create a 3D diorama of a particular scene.
  3. Lastly is the assignments section.  Here students will find their weekly projects.  This is a work in progress page because I still haven’t finished adding pictures of what students have produced in the past, which I would add.  Also, I think I am going to rearrange the particulars of these assignments that I have used in the past and make them more technologically related – like podcasts, movies, and such.
  • Graphics: the graphics used are images from The Odyssey.  They are either images from the movie, famous paintings, or modern artwork.
  • Learning Objects – text, video, graphics
  • Links -;;;;
  • Citations:  all of the information I have used is from all the teaching resources I have used over the last 6 years.  I obviously didn’t create all of the information myself but I couldn’t tell you where I even found these resources.  Sorry!
  1. Closure and Questions