Drawing still life Lesson Plan
How to draw still life?
  • Grade Level:  Upper Elementary (3)

    Time frame:  3–Part Lesson

    45-minutes class periods for each 

  • Lesson Rationale or Description:
  • In this class, students will analyze the still life paintings. Then students will be divided into pairs to discuss how to draw works of art, they are studying. Each group of students will be exchanged with another group of people will discuss them or their results. Students according to their peers, who study the accuracy of the drawings, will add more detail. They were asked to write an essay after school and use Google doc.
  • After that, students will learn how to use a pencil to draw straight lines and arcs. Assignment is one page line drawing.
  • Then, the students practice still life in the classroom to, and guide students to use lines to draw the outline. Also they need to write a journal and published on their blogs.
Lesson Plan
Lesson Plan
Focus Content Area:
Professional Development

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